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Tips for Aspiring Fashion Enthusiast/ Bloggers

Hi everyone!
It's been awhile since I've updated this space with something more than my face haha. My mind has been super duper active since 3am and I couldn't sleep so that's why I've decided to write this post right now at 7am!  (Yup I have a hyperactive brain after 12am and i'm brain dead right after I wake up right till midnght so that's why you can't communicate with me well in the day lolol)
Not sure how will I be able to survive at work later on but we'll see!

I have been coming across and also met up with so so many aspiring fashionistas this past year which inspired me to write this post to hopefully help some of you! I've been typing some tips on my phone's notes while lying down until i've decided, f*ck it! I'll just turn on my com and type it here instead hahah So here's 10 tips dedicated to all those aspiring Fashion Enthusiasts and Bloggers out there!

Tips for Aspiring Fashion Enthusiast/ Bloggers
1) Passion
Fashion …

Fire Engine

Rainy day and I am dying in the hot and cold weather.
Think i might be getting sick real soon, stay healthy you guys!

Photos by: Alicia

Plaid Queen

" If you are miserable inside, spread love, not hate.  And I can guarantee that you will grow to be a happier person one day. "

Physically exhausted because of lack of sleep. But I am glad that I was finally able to sleep in in this chilly weather today!
Had my best weekend yet, Bf brought me to see the night lights at Gardens by the Bay on Saturday!
Was hoping to see snow and we did!!
Quite disappointed that it wasn't real snow/ice though, but i'm glad we managed to snap some good photos together and it sure looks real in pictures!

Shared a booth with Eileen and Rena at the Three Blind Mice Flea yesterday while Jasmine shared her booth with her friends. United at last!
Btw i'm loving anything coca cola flavored. Especially the sugared gummy candies! I think I am pretty addicted to them as I can't stop popping them into my mouth haha. #unhealthymuch

Since the flea is at the F1 Pit Building, i've decided to ditch the usual knit/crochet clothing and wore s…

Eyelets and Tweed

It's Sunday morning and my home wifi is still down so i'm at the cafe right now typing this while freezing my ass off!  Nope, I can't live without wifi :(
It's been awhile since my last outfit post. Been so busy juggling work and preparing for something really special for Christmas for you guys! Can barely breath but I know it's gonna be worth it at the end of the day.

Wearing my Eyelet Top which was originally from Cotton on, but thrifted it on carousell for about $6!
So many cheap treasures right there. Got my tweed paperbag shorts at Bugis Street for $10! I thought it was a skirt at first and got really dissapointed when I went home to try it on. But it doesn't look that bad after all!
Photos doesn't do the top justice, it looks really pretty with the crochet/mini eyelet details along with the tweed shorts in real life! Such a comfy set to be worn on a lazy day.

Hahaha yes! I photoshopped the guy out in previous photos but I gave up after those few. Too…

XMAS Flea Gift 6 Dec 2014

I'm so excited to be attending another flea with my boyfriend once again, and this time it will be the Flea Gift by Goodcitizensg!  Do check them out as well as the other bloggers who will also be there!
As usual, I'm gonna feature just less than 20% of what I will be bringing this coming Saturday on the 6th December, hopefully to lure some you girls there :P

There will be 210 BOOTHS there! Yes so many vendors!!
I bet you won't finish viewing all of them within an hour, so do make yourself free on that day!
What's more, they will be giving away FREE GOODIE while you are shopping! AND FREE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE TO THE LOCATION!
More details bellow.

What's pretty stuffs without pretty prints on some shorts right?
Expect loads of floral, laces and even DENIM STUDDED SHORTSSS that I will be handmaking just for the flea!

Bringing along all my fav kinds of summery crop tops just because I'm more into knitwear/coats this season. Here's just a few that I'm featuri…