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Reindeers & Crochets

Coachella Inspired. Since majority of my viewers are Americans, here is an outfit inspiration for those who will be attending Coachella this year. #youluckypeople Made a deal with my bf that if we visit Cali in future,  it's got to be during March-April period so we can attend it for the first time ever. Seriously can't wait for that day to come! My head accessory obsession is still strong. Tied around a braided feather headband to add a bohemian vibe to this outfit! Reindeer Oversized knitted sweater was thrifted from a flea for $13 a few months ago. Definitely loving the design on this one! 'Cropped' my own simple crochet top so there's a pretty scallop hem at the bottom. Also, what if I told you the skirt is actually a top? Haha If all else fails, DIY your own clothes from what you already have! Stacked up 2 fav necklaces from Forever21. Need to hunt for more of these! So apparently,

Last min Valentines Outfit Ideas- 1 Top 4 DayLooks

Happy Valentines Day to all the wonderful couples out there! And not to forget, Happy Single Awareness day to everyone else too!! (Haha yesterday, I told my friend Eileen that tomorrow is Single Awareness Day since she said it's Valentines Day tomorrow and she was like 'HAHAHA I am very aware') Funny girl! She's single and ready to mingle ya'll! Oh my... yes I am late again! It's my yearly routine to do up a Valentines day Outfit ideas post for you girls because it's one of my fav parts of the year. Spent our 6th Year Together 2 days ago, Roses and teddybears are everywhere, and now it's Valentines Day! Didn't have time to snap photos for this post till the sun finally rise this morning because it was too hazy for me to go out yesterday afternoon. Can hardly breath even though the PSI was super low compared to last year's But I hope i'm not too late for those girls who are nocturnal and only wakes up at 3pm haha Or those