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Oreo Crushed Brownies for Lazy People

(If you look closely, the top part of the cake is kinda gone cuz it was devoured by me once it was out of the oven)

Just made some oreo crushed brownies cuz bf and I are such sweet tooths and he has been treating me like a princess, cooking good food for me the past few weeks. 
So I was thinking why not do up a little tutorial too and put it up here for those who wants to bake something for their bfs/gfs this Valentine's day! 
Btw, just a disclaimer:


And yup only for lazy people (like me) or someone who just want's the fast & easy way out! Because making it from scratch is only for professionals :P And I'm definitely not one of them, so don't blame me if yours doesn't turn out looking like you expect it to be!!

It's my first time adding crushed oreos into my brownies so I was praying it will turn out fine.
Not really a tutorial though because I'm making it from a box so the instructions given are either common sense or already written behind the…

Adv: BarelyNakedSkins + Nail Decal Tutorial

One of my fav last minute looks I put together.  Can't believe I actually scored this romper for only $10/$12 on Carousell

I've been taking a break from gelish nails because I've realized that my nails are getting too brittle.  While waiting for my healthy nails to grow out again, I've decided to paint my nails burgundy for the Christmas season!!  Too bad I didn't have time to touch up the chipped nail polish but
I'm glad Barely Naked Skins allowed me to have pretty designed nails, and at the same time save time putting them on too!  

So so pretty right!?  What's more, you can design them however you want your nails to look.  Since I want them to match my flash tattoos, I've Googled 'aztec flash tattoo's and crop out those that I want to use.  With a little bit of retouching of color, this is how it turns out: 

Just how I wanted them to look like - vintage, dirty gold and a little metallic.  Perfect!! 

BTW here are my ugly unkept chipped off na…