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Adv: Lost.SG

Currently scrapbooking a little gift for my bf before our stayca on the 16th!
Here's one of the pages where we visited..


I've always wondered how escape game rooms are like and why is it becoming really popular nowadays.
Now I know why!!

Finally visited Lost.SG together with my bf that day and we were so excited for it after hearing some of our friend's comments about their experiences. It was so fun being detectives together and finding clues to exit the room.

Since it was our first time, we didn't know what to expect so they briefed us quickly and told us that we are gonna play one of the FIVE rooms.

Yes there are 5 different rooms in total!

Here's the 4 rooms that we haven't try. Maybe we will try them in future soon! Seeing and writing this at 3am right now and seeing all these photos are giving me the creeps!!

Before we surrendered our belongings to our own lockers, we were told that we will be playing Castigilione.
They then showe…