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Mesh'n Plaid

Another hectic week so I actually borrowed my mum's tablet so I could write this entry right now while I'm having my lunch out! I actually love heading to town on weekday afternoons cuz everybody here is super chill and happy. No stress and rushing aunties pushing me here and there like in the weekends. When I say aunties, I meant teens and guys too who are acting like one. Don't be one of them. Managed to find some locations for photos while I was out and about last few days. Thanks to my boyfriend for snapping these once again!! He's such a funny and fun person to be/work with! <3 Found this gold snake skin lace top at the back of my closet while clearing my wardrobe the other day. Never thought I would ever wear it cuz I actually hated this top haha! Fell in love with this mesh plaid skirt when I was searching for an ordinary plaid one! Leather jacket is thrifted and leather quilted gloves were bought on the same da

Candyfloss x Denim

Don't really know how to start this post cuz my mind is quite blank now hahah. But anyway, I wanted to bring back this fauxfur* jacket in my outfit post cuz i'm currently obsessed with anything furry or knit.  So I was like thinking, why not pair it with a beach outfit? Beach and fur doesn't go well together BUT! it does in my world. LOL Just kidding! I wouldn't have worn it if it's not lined with silk in the inner layer. So it's surprisingly, it's cooler than how u think it is! So great tip if you are in Sunny Singapore and wanna try out fur clothing, try to find those with a silk inner lining. Cuz silk is a Temperature Regulating material that keeps you cool when you're warm and warm when you're cold! Also, I noticed that faux fur is much lighter than real fur. (Or is it cuz my fauxfur is cheap?) So this coat is so light that you throw it in the air with your pinky finger haha. (Yes, I actually tried it) I'm VERY agai

CAMO & KNITS x Strangers Reunion

 'Carry on pushing that carefree girl you once knew, and one day she might just snap and not care at all' Yes, I am dying in this knitted sweater, haha. Went out shopping without the knitwear ofcus, but I replaced it with a light brown cardigan. Wanted to try out a Summer to Fall transition outfit and here is my very first one this year! Love thrift shopping! Got this whole outfit for less than $30! Cream Knitwear: H&M at $15 Gold Embroided Top: Thrifted from Carousell at $8 Camo Printed Shorts: Thrifted from Carousell at $5 Headed to Strangers Reunion the other day with Gina and omg we had such a hard time finding that place! Took the train to Outram and we didn't know which bustop to board the bus. Took about 15 mins finding the bustop and we realize it's just the one infront of the MRT lol! Place packed with people even on the weekday. Love all the artwork on the walls! Gives t