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Ad: Ash In Cans

As most of you girls know, Ash In Cans is a well known online store that launches new collections every single week! This means that they hold the trendiest and most up-to-date apparels which keeps you in style. I've chosen these few outfits from their past collections cuz they are really pretty and you can either dress them up or down for any occasion! Stay tuned to the end of the post for the discount code that I will be sharing with my readers <3 Loving this Beige 2-way Pleated Top from AshInCans' Collection 130 . It looks so so classy with the pleats and ruffles! It can be worn as a tube, or as an off shoulder top like this! Freaking love this and this is my fav piece of all three. I paired it with a black Highwaisted button up shorts and black strappy heels for a casual look. But if you wanna dress this up, you can pair it with either a black skater or red chiffon skirt, cinch your waist with a pretty belt, and finish it off with a necklace

Neutral Blush + Octa Hotel

Can't believe I spent 1 whole hour writing this post on my Blogger phone app and 'published' it but it didn't appear on the page. So i went on the computer to check and nope, the words I wrote are not there. Checked the app again to see if it's saved there so I can at least copy it but NOPE, all gone! Blogger app, WHY YOU TROLL ME!? T_T 2nd time already!! Anyway, here's me writing everything all over again.. NOW on my laptop!! >:( Mix of Formal and Casual that day. Wearing what it looks like a super duper short dress but nope, it's a romper! :D Love the crystals at the top and floral chiffon at the skirt part. It's so light and comfortable and I love the color combination! Threw on a Cream Colored Cropped Blazer that has been rotting in my wardrobe for a year or two as I didn't really liked it. But decided to bring it out today to pair it with this romper cuz I looked too under-dressed. Seeing how it

Ad: Dolish Nail Spa

Yay i'm so ready for Christmas!  Really loving my Aquamarine Snowflake nails sponsored by Dolish Nail Spa. Thank you once again for making my nails pretty again! Read till the end for some great deals for STUDENTS! Dolish Nail Spa Blk 825 Tampines Street 81 +65 6785 3210  Haven't been doing my nails for about 3 months now and luckily Elaine called me up to tell me to fix an appointment to do my nails. Omg my nails are like so ugly due to left over from my previous manicure and they are chipped off and all :( But I won't be bothered to fix it until my next gelish appointment. HAHA she knows me too well <3 Arranged an appointment on the 4th of December (Just before the GirlyMake Launch Party) so I can have pretty nails when i attend the event.  So many shades and colors to choose from!!  Elaine told me that she want to do a Christmas design on me so I spent 2 whole hours the night before choosing what design I want. I sent her