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Ad: My trip to Bucktile St. Cafe

Yay headed to Bucktile St. Cafe right after some errands on Friday since I was already in the West. Decided to bring my Mother and her Friend along for some treats! It was a rainy day so this sets up the perfect mood for some hot snacks and cakes.

We were greeted with some awesome Weekday deals right at the doorstep of the cafe. Monday 20% off any beverage with every mains purchased Tuesday 30% off 1 slice of cake/tiramisu with every mains purchased Thursday 40% off the 2nd Main with every mains purchased Friday 10% off everything in the menu!
Also, do note that they are closed EVERY WEDNESDAY!

Bucktile Cafe is well known for their tiramisu in a pot.

I remembered that I was going crazy and gushing over how cute and amazing their tiramisu on my other post. Choose between their Original/Oreo/Horlick flavors Definitely one of the must-try items when you visit them!

A wide variety of cakes to choose from. Omg ALL of them looks so good, don't you agree?

Absolutely loving their menu.
Reminds m…