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Boho Chic + Flea Party

What I wore to the Flea Party (and photo taking the day before)! It was actually Boho Chic themed but it turned into a Red Indian inspired outfit thanks to Alicia! While we were snapping some pics halfway, she thought of putting some small leaves on my head. Haha so creative!! Sunnies- Alicia's Paisley Romper- Belt- Gift from Eileen <3 Necklace- Forever21  Lace Button down Batwing 'Kimono'- $8 Carousell (@qworthy) Studded Sandal heels- $22 Carousell (@hourglass) RTP $60 from H&M Love the back of the romper so much! Wanted to pair it with a cage bralette but it didn't arrive in time so a 2 strap bandeau will do! The most comfortable heels i've ever worn. Or maybe it's because all my other heels are dangerously high :( I should start buying heels like these!! Snapping photos for her flatlay advert. Thank you Alicia for helping me snap my outfit photos and al

Flea Party at Lucky Plaza Level 6!

Guess what girls!? I will be heading to the Flea Party tomorrow with my bf to sell my Pre-loved and Brand new items!! When I say Pre-loved, it means that I only wear them once or just a few mins just for a photo taking! So means every single item are of good condition! Also, I will be giving away a super cute crop top, so read on to find out how!! It's my very first time selling clothing as low as $2! And everything listed here are just a sneak peek of what i will be bringing.  There will be many more so you just have to be there to find out! I am a romper-collector. So this means whenever I see a cute romper, I'll just buy it. But the problem is, I never find a chance to wear them because they are either too cute, or I don't bear to wear them out. So that's why most of them are brand new or lightly worn!   The Runner Shorts craze is not over yet! So be sure to keep a lookout for floral/ crochet shorts that I will be selling!! Only

Sixth Empire Ipad Air Giveaway

Sixth Empire is an Online Male Boutique which carries a wide range of Male Clothing!! Went down to check out their store at Bukit Merah with my boyfriend and I'm amaze with all their printed clothing!! I love Sixth Empire's 06 tee because it looks so sporty yet classy at the same time! I also have an obsession with printed button downs because they make look you look a tad-bit more expensive when actually, they are very affordable! Not only do they sell clothing, they also carry a wide range of Bags, Bracelets, Wallets, Eyewear, and even shoes!  So this means you can shop from head to toe for yourself or your boyfriend! Oh! Not to forget, they have Free Doorstep Delivery!  This means you don't have to worry about your package getting lost and all.  I experience that too many times and it's such a pain (in the pocket). And good news to those people who have always wanted an ipad (air)! Sixth Empire is sweet enou

Tangerine OOTD + Wonderland Cafe

Music i'm listening to right now:   Alicia and I were discussing yesterday about what type of songs we love to listen to and we realized that this was one of our favorites!    Today's Instagram post! Finally got to wear my Tangerine colored platform heels that I got for $10 last year when I went shopping with gf Deborah! She's one of my best shopping partners because we have such similar styles, we usually end up getting the same item of a different color! Haha Haven't got a chance to meet her for a shopping date since, hopefully we get to go out real soon!  Starbucks Craneberry drink. It's suppose to be red but i edited it orange so it looks better in the pic :P Outfit details: Pearl Lace Bustier: Forever New (Got it at a steal of $12) Tangerine Skorts: Carousell $4 (She still has 2 other designs left so I think i'm gonna grab them if you guys don't Hahah) Headpiece: Lovisa  A few of you were asking me where I