XMAS Flea Gift 6 Dec 2014

I'm so excited to be attending another flea with my boyfriend once again, and this time it will be the Flea Gift by Goodcitizensg
Do check them out as well as the other bloggers who will also be there!

As usual, I'm gonna feature just less than 20% of what I will be bringing this coming Saturday on the 6th December, hopefully to lure some you girls there :P

There will be 210 BOOTHS there! Yes so many vendors!!
I bet you won't finish viewing all of them within an hour, so do make yourself free on that day!

What's more, they will be giving away FREE GOODIE while you are shopping!
More details bellow.

What's pretty stuffs without pretty prints on some shorts right?

Expect loads of floral, laces and even DENIM STUDDED SHORTSSS that I will be handmaking just for the flea!

Bringing along all my fav kinds of summery crop tops just because I'm more into knitwear/coats this season.
Here's just a few that I'm featuring, there's morrreeee

Crochet and cupcake bodysuits!

For those who doesn't like wearing bright colors, rest assured, there will be dark colored clothing as well!

Clearing up all my Bustier tops that I was selling previously, all bellow my cost price! 

Here comes my fav part of this post- MY ROMPER COLLECTION!
Yes I have been giving them so much love and now it's time to let them go.
They are all either brand new, or in great condition! 
Which are your favorites? 

Here's my favourite few...

Please give them love once u purchase them, I don't usually have emotional attachment to clothing except my rompers hahaha 

And nothing at  my booth is more than $20!
Starting from only $5

Need to get rid of some shoes after getting new ones all these months.

Don't worry! They will all be cleaned or washed before selling! 
(I'll try my very best to clean each one of them as much as possible) 

Hope for the best that u have the same shoe size as me!! 
Sorry for those of you who wanna get them but are not the same size :( 
But feel free to rampage through my clothing! 

OH And I almost forgot,
Trying to clear them all so do check them out :)

So excited to be seeing some of you who will be attending! 
Do note that all these clothes I've featured or not all of them, these is just a sneak peek!! 

You just have to attend to see them,

Expect some goody bags that will be given away by the GoodCitizenSG team!
Look! It's all packed nicely for all of you!

So join us at the FLEA GIFT
6 Dec Sat at 12pm to 8pm
(Come as early as you can just so you wont miss out!)

Here's a transport guide to get there:
PLEASE USE THE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE if you are going there by public transport!

Okay I shall go pack all of them now in my 2 luggages, my room in is a mess since yesterday morning as you can see HAHAH

Gonna be shopping with all of you at the Flea Gift!


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