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Lindsay's Week ( 21-27th April )

 Hey guys :) My weekly update routine is here again, to keep you guys updated about what I've been doing all week, day by day!  Monday Err... I forgot what I did on that day but I guess it's nothing exciting since there's not a single photo taken HAHA (omg not even a selfie!) Tuesday Claire super on one HAHA, she was so sweet to accompany me to Space Invasion to snap pics for the advert! Eileen and Jasmine couldn't make it as it was so last min but it's okay, there's always next time, right girls?? :* Jovelle came to join us before we headed to Space Invasion! She's such a fashionista, can go work as personal stylist already. She helped me picked out an outfit for my filming the next day and I didn't know I look not bad in knee length skirts, I always thought I would look like ahma in them hahaha! Clothing theme is full black & leather!  But apparently I broke part of the dress code cuz i've always