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Love Ladurée

Fav pic up there! That's why its the first picture :P Photo courtesy of   Dice Photography  Woot! Made a trip down to the Ladurée boutique yesterday and gosh, the interior design.. smell.. everything in there is so magical!! Thought i should wear something to match the design of this boutique for some picture taking afterwards because im such a fan of the pastel-french decor.  Haha no more frowny faces in my pictures! I realize i really can't do the fierce look because i look bad in them LOL! I wonder how the other girls do it. Picture credits to  for the macaron pictures bellow!  (Because I don't think we are allowed to take pictures of them in the boutique, we almost got chased away even while taking pictures outside HAHA) -About This Look- Ahhh, the sweet and fresh color of seafoam green! Im so in love with Ladurée's design and packaging. Designer Macarons inde

Falling Daisies

Photo Courtesy of Dice Photography Sudden change of season trend from the previous summery post. Now it's fall fashion!! Love how all the colors this season are more toned down, and ladies bringing out their knitted cardigan to throw over their summer clothing- like this studded bustier from my Summer Clothing Line . Yes! You can re-style previous season clothing by just tweaking the whole look a little! Photoshoot featuring my sweetheart,  Jasmine . So in love with her transparent handmade statement necklace with a tint of gold on it! It's so classy and makes the whole look so stylish. Her shorts are handmade too! It was cut from a pair of highwaisted vintage jeans that she thrifted. And it's not a normal pair of highwaisted shorts. It's suede material!! So perfect for Fall. Yet another amazing shoot courtesy of Dice Photography . Thank you so much!! Love how all the pictures turn out (And i really love how the photographer

Sunflower Craze

Day out at the beach!! Such a carefree and peaceful day as there were very little people there. Perfect weather too! Oh! Check out my tumblrish hanging outfit I took just a couple of steps away from my home. Been seeing hanging-on-the-wall outfits on my Instagram feed lately so i decided to do my own version by hanging it on the tree! :P Hope you love my editing!! -About This Look- Sunshine, Beach, Sunflower clothing, omg what's not to love!! Made my own Sunflower Headband the day before and i used the wrong glue!! There were 4 sunflowers but once i reach the beach, im left with only one on my head :( Don't laugh at me! >.< Anyways, i wore one of my fav Lace Crop Top out today! It's not mine though, My friend lend it to me. I bought it before but sold it away after a few days #regretful. But thanks Eileen!!:) Paired it off with some SUNFLOWER SHORTS !! Sunflowers makes everyone happy don't you think? :) I also

Ad: Rad items from Daintybullets

So honored to model for Daintybullet's Sugar Crush collection because everything there is so cute! Picked out a few items for myself too because who doesn't love cute stuffs!? Their items are super affordable and they ship worldwide! Check them out, www.DaintyBullets.Com Click 'Read More' for more of their clothing features!

Halter Daisies

Photo Courtesy of   Dice Productions First of all, i would really like to thank Dice Productions for capturing these beautiful images! All edits above  are done by them and I had a fun time working with the photographer! Do check them out on Facebook and Instagram for more of their fashion photography. Instagram: @Dice_Productionsz Facebook: Follow and Like them too! Edits after these are done by me. Not as pro as theirs though, haha! -About This Look- Yay it's my first time trying out a 'Lookbook-ish' kind of outfit and i think i did a pretty good job, Haha! Im really in love with this Halter Neck Bralet with some floral and lace details. Reminds me of a modern-day Cheong Sam :P Cutified  this look with this Daisy Printed Monotone Skirt . I specially chose this skirt to go with this halter-neck bralet because they both have very similar prints! Brought out my fav Whi

Yellow Sunshine

Omg i freaking love Cat-eye sunnies! (apart from heart shaped ones, but im talking about normal sunnies that normal people wear :P)  I really envy those girls who can pull off black round sunglasses. I wanna wear them too and be all hipster-ish but i just can't :(  It doesn't suit my face shape. So cat and heart shaped sunnies will do for me!  I think some of you have seen me feature this heart bling purse several times.  It's one of my fave bags to carry! Fits my wallet and phone perfectly and its heart shaped! Who doesn't love!? :D -About This Look- I know Autumn is here but it's summer all year round in Singapore anyway! So i wore this Sunshine Floral Top that i've thrifted at Simpang Bedok when i was having lunch, for only $5! Spotted it in-between a rack of mehh clothing because its floral and bright yellow. I was told it was brand new too! What i love about this top is it's also cropped. U ca