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To-Gather Cafe

I am really hating the weather in Singapore recently as it's been raining and raining and raining almost every single day :( Been wanting to have a casual day out this week without doing anything work related. So today's the day! Sun shining, birds singing (not really). So lazy day out it is! :P Even tho it's kind of a casual lazy day out, I wore something not so 'lazy', but comfy at the same time!  This is 100% inspired by @heyitsannabanana on Instagram. You've probably seen this on her before!  Wore my super comfy bat wing top courtesy of . They are so sweet to send me 3 more items but i'll write about it on another post. Paired it with this Eyelet Skater Skirt that I have featured several times before cuz it's so so versatile! Sweetens up any outfit too cuz of the floral eyelet details.  Yeah so this me doing the Michael Jackson pose. Hat is from River Island.  I swear it makes any outfit look fo

Ad: ShopKysse Bags

Hahaha my friends call this the 'Rich TaiTai look'. sent me 2 bags for me to style and i'm loving this whole look! When I saw this bag, I knew I had to bring out my Peach color Faux Fur Jacket to go with it.  It's inner lining is made of satin so it actually still feels quite cooling even under this super warm weather. But people will still look at me as if im crazy LOL. Anyway, check out that glossy shine of this bag! It is in a beautiful shade of Ruby Red. Many of you have seen brand inspired bags that are of mehhh quality. One look, you know that the faux leather will peal off after a few days.  But i am so SO surprised that this bag is of a really good quality. It is made of a higher grade of PU leather which means it won't peal off like your other cheapo bags :x It also keeps it's shape and is really sturdy.  Yay for matchy toes and my Ruby Red bag! You can get this Inspired Boy CC Bag (red ) from O

Last Min Prom Outfits Tips

Hey guys! Currently blogging from my hotel room as i'm having a little vacation now. It's 2am and i'm staying up to write this cuz I just realized i'm a little late for this Prom Outfits post. So I apologize in advance if some of my sentences do not make sense cuz im kinda half asleep typing this :P Yes, some people already attended their prom a few days ago. T_T But no worries for those girls who will be attending it soon and have not decided on what to wear yet because i'm gonna try to help give some ideas for your last minute prom outfit! Just in case you are from another country, our school year ends in November in Singapore. Someone left a comment saying 'Prom is suppose to be held at the end of school year'.Well every country has a different system so don't always assume it should be the same as yours. Same goes to Time-Zone. A fashionista friend from Australia posted a picture saying 'Friday tomorrow Yay!!' And someone from A