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Bangkok Day 1-3 - Husky Cafe & Asiatique Riverfront

Reached the airport at 6.30 for our 7.20 flight. Grabbed a quick breakfast and rushed onto the plane. I swear our time management really need to improve!

"Bye Singapore!"
It was my first time being in Bangkok and it was amazing!  (except for getting lost and walking under the scorching sun)
But THANK GOD for unlimited data for google mapping - that we purchased immediately after we touched down Suvarnabhumi Airport at 8am, BKK time. Bought our first Thai Milk Tea and went for our cab (which was a very, i repeat.. VERY bad idea) 30 mins in Bangkok and we were already coned hahah 800 Baht for a 20 mins ride to Pratunam? No thanks!!  Note to self: Take the Airport Rail link which costs like idk.. 145 baht? 

We stayed in Hotel De Bangkok which was the best choice ever! Extremely clean & new, amazing room service, bathtub included and there's a balcony. We actually booked another hotel which was way more expensive but got all these for only $48 a night, which I saw on Gr…