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Ad: Violet Hair with OLAPLEX by Salon Vim

Hi everyone! 
Writing this post while on the way to esplanade for a casual meeting/discussion!  So i apologize in advance if there's any spelling mistakes even tho i'm actually quite awesome at multi tasking hahaha
Been awhile since my last hair update.  Can't wait to share with you guys some awesome stuffs they did to my hair!

I've been wanting to try out purple for a really long time now cuz if you don't know already, I've been playing around with my purple hair editing tool on my photos and they look really good! 

Reached Bugis really early so I decided to have Macbreakfast for 1 since I was starving.
Time check: First slot 11am at Salon Vim!  Gosh.. I think my hair is every hairstylists' worst nightmare.. 

So many wrongs HAHA  Ugly orange tones, Frizzy Ends, Black Roots and not to forget, my 2 years worth of untrimmed hair! 
Why didn't I trim my hair for 2 whole years?  Well its because I went to one random salon 2 years back to trim my waist lengt…