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Ad: Visual Mass- GSS 1 FOR 1 Promo

"Visual Mass was founded on the belief that design-conscious eyewear need not cost an arm and a leg. Good-looking and good quality glasses can go hand in hand with a good price. Our aim is to revolutionise the eyewear industry by creating value for both our customers and the larger community. " Woke up at 8am this morning and headed to Visual Mass's Orchard Central Outlet to pick a pair of new frames! FIRST LOOK: There's a really bright LED signage so it was pretty easy to find the shop! Omg probably the hipster-est spectical shop i've seen so far. I mean.. check out the interior design! I swear all optical shops should have this light bulb mirrors too. Such a clever concept! It produces a pretty 'ring light effect' on your eyes when you look into the mirror to try the glasses on. Need one of this in my room! A wide range of sunglasses and frames to choose from that are all in style