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How I put on Hair Extensions- by Irresistible Me

So excited when I received a package from Irresistible Me because it felt like Christmas came early! I have been wearing hair extensions frequently since 3 years ago after I stupidly (and unwillingly) cut my hair to shoulder length. Trust me, it was a pain in the a** because they would always tangle up and I had to throw them away and buy new ones. Since it's artificial hair, I can't curl or straighten them so I usually keep a few of them in case I want a different look on a different day- 1 Curly, 1 Wavy, 1 Straight. So imagine keeping 3 styles of hair extensions and had to buy more when they get all tangled up. My friends have been wondering how my room look like since I own loads of hair extensions. YES it's how you imagine it to be. CREEPY RIGHT HAHA This is my very first time trying out 100% Human Hair Extensions! Since it's Human Hair, I can curl it, straighten it, wash it, or dye it- just like your own hair! So exciting! Imagine all the possibilities