Plaid Queen

" If you are miserable inside, spread love, not hate. 
And I can guarantee that you will grow to be a happier person one day. "

Physically exhausted because of lack of sleep.
But I am glad that I was finally able to sleep in in this chilly weather today!

Had my best weekend yet, Bf brought me to see the night lights at Gardens by the Bay on Saturday!
Was hoping to see snow and we did!!
Quite disappointed that it wasn't real snow/ice though, but i'm glad we managed to snap some good photos together and it sure looks real in pictures!

Shared a booth with Eileen and Rena at the Three Blind Mice Flea yesterday while Jasmine shared her booth with her friends.
United at last!

Btw i'm loving anything coca cola flavored.
Especially the sugared gummy candies! I think I am pretty addicted to them as I can't stop popping them into my mouth haha. #unhealthymuch

Since the flea is at the F1 Pit Building, i've decided to ditch the usual knit/crochet clothing and wore some plaids which resembles those race car 'flags(?)' !
We were actually on our way to get lunch at Popeyes nearby when we found this awesome place.
Didn't know it looks this awesome in real life!
(Yeah yeah, i've never been to any F1 races before :( )

Dark clouds were gathering when I had to rush off awhile halfway for a scheduled shoot.
Super nervous and hoping that it wont rain at the other side as it suddenly poured like crazy at the flea area.
Luckily enough, it wasn't raining at the shoot area and I managed to snap some clothing for the giveaway!
Feeling really excited for it!

 Top to toe almost thrifted!
Queen Top - $5 from Carousell
Black Ripped Dungaree- $24 from Carousell
Plaid shirt- $10 Flea
Bag- D&G

Comfy Platform Buckle shoes was a gift from Statement Muse!
Thank youuuu so much! <3
You have no idea how unglam I look snapping this photo with my legs in the air hahah

Came back to tend the booth for a little longer and ending the day off with some photos with my girls.

I scored 2 pretty knit beanies at the last part of the flea at 2 for $1 omg!
And a really pretty long grey knit cardi for $5, originally from forever21 
Love how everything is marked WAYYY down at the last few mins as nobody want's to bring back a shitload of clothing hahah

Btw i wanna appologize to some girls who came to me for a photo when I was rushing off halfway so i couldn't give much of my time :(
But it was great meeting you guys!! Hope to see you on my next flea <3

Even though I had such a tiring day, it was a fun time with them, shouting '3 dollars!! 3 dollars!! EVERYTHING THREE DOLLARS!!' at the last bit of the flea before we went off haha.

Thank you Eileen for all the photos! <3

Met my bf for supper nearby my home and then i KO-ed almost immediately I got home.
Can't wait for the next week!



Those who spread lies are the ones who are hurting inside.
So let's give a moment of silence to those people.

" If you are miserable inside, spread love, not hate. 
And I can guarantee that you will grow to be a happier person one day. "

I'm glad that I didn't do anything to pursue the matter even though 'they' been harping on it on and on, spreading around the same thing for more than a year.
Because I know that eventually, time will reveal the truth. And i'm happy that it finally did!
#proportionatenumber #learntocount

Practice what you preach. Let God do the judging, because we are not made to judge others.

If you are constantly losing friends, maybe it's time you stop blaming them and look into yourself instead. 
Things you say to others will only make them realize the person you really are..

See you on my next post!


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