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Lindsay's Life: Food Date Updates!

Thanks to my gf Deborah for this red lace romper <3 Check out her blog, she's awesome! Hey guys! Omg it's been so so long ever since i've updated my blog. It's because my week was filled with quite a number things that I had too many pictures to post. So I gave up blogging at the end of the week and it piles up so now I have 4 weeks worth of posts :( Sounds like my homework in the past, HAHA!  So here's Part 1 summary of it! 30th May Wednesday Headed to Space Invasion with my Cafe hopping girls, Alica and Chrysan, to choose our filming outfits at Space Invasion! Took quite awhile to choose them cuz there are too many pretty clothes there! Plaza Sing was just a walk away so we decided to have dinner at Nana's Green Tea! Had it with Amanda the another time and the food was awesome and that's why I decided to bring them there to try out! We were so so

Adv: Nano Collagen Japan

Yes, I am the unlucky one that break out SO MUCH once I hit puberty! :( Ever since then, I have so many skin problems until my mother started bringing me for facials. My skin is more in control right now but I still experience break outs every now and then, if I sleep really late for just 1 day. No, I am not flawless like some people say I am T_T  Just cuz my unhealthy skin always can't be captured by the camera well, doesn't mean it's smooth. Just look at my skin closed up!  Acne Problem caused by oiliness underneath the first layer of skin, but super dry at the top layer. Even though I always have a balanced diet (Eating loads of fruits and vegetables everyday), I think the main reason why I still get break outs is because I am a really late sleeper. (Yes, I am nocturnal, like some of my friends call me :x) I also get stressed out easily when I have datelines to meet, or even just keeping up with my outfit posts. But I still wonder..