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Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

No actual OOTD for this post so here's one taken 2 days ago for a date out with my bf!
Loving this mint floral skorts so so much!

Car selfies are the best!
No edits, just high in exposure <3

Gosh it's time to go to the salon. My actual hair color faded and now it's lighter than my extentions haha! Gotta get rid of those extentions too!

It was Boong's Birthday the other day (Actually long long time ago, post got delayed!)
 Headed to Kiseki Japanese Restaurant together with Jasmine. Omg even though it's a weekday, this restaurant was fully packed with people! So crowded that everytime I take my food to our table, I need to use my dodging skills which I usually use only for shopping :x

You see the chefs behind the glass? This means that all the food are freshly made by them everytime it wipes out (which is like every 10 mins(?) because it's super crowded)

This one is awesome because it's like a mini steamboat. Drop your clip there and it will be delivered …

Percolate Cafe

My outfit for that day. Most of it are my bargain buys!

Pearl Lace Bralette: Carousell @etjl ($12) Originally from Forever New Shorts: Forever21 Knitted Cardigan: TBM Flea ($8) Belt: Thrfited

Fedorah Hat: Talisman @ FEP ($16) Platform Shoes: City Plaza ($18)
They sell tons of $18 platforms on the second level of CityPlaza!

Haven't met Jasmine for quite awhile(since her Birthday) so we planned to catch up at Percolate Cafe!
We wanted to visit this cafe a few months ago since it's opening but we didn't have the time to. But finally we were both free that day and it's super near our homes so why not!?

Already loving the outside of the cafe.
We planned to have Thai Food nearby this place for lunch first before heading to this cafe since they are only focusing on cakes and coffees for now. But too bad it was closed! :(
So cakes for lunch will do LOL

The one thing that I really love about this place is it has a really calm and relaxing atmosphere See that guy over <&l…