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(Ad) Toil And Trouble

Omg!! Toil n Trouble has just launched their very first collection! Everything is hand picked and chosen for their quality, uniqness and ofcourse, their look! These pieces cannot be found anywhere else so it's so awesome cuz you won't bump into anyone wearing the same outfit as you HAHA (Happened to me twice already) Really loving all the pieces they have so i'm gonna show you a few of them. Wearing Strawberry Fields Long Sleeve top ! This top is perfect for the vintage lovers. With sheer polka dotted sleeves, it adds even more cuteness for your whole outfit. This super cute and yummy Navy Springkles Cross Back Peplum top is so perfect for the summer! Pair it with a highwaisted shorts and you are ready for some summertime fun <3 My favorite piece from the whole collection Pink Pastel 2 Piece Set ! Me and Deborah have this each for ourselves in a different color cuz it's just too cute to resist! There is Pink and Purple avai

Ad: Loreal Skin + Hair Care Routine (Night)

PS: HAIR CARE ROUTINE FOR COLORED HAIR VIDEO IS UP!  Yes, it's my very first simple video! Scroll down to watch it <3 I have been trying out L'oreal Products for a few days now and i'm so so happy with the results! I can already feel that my face is less oily and more hydrated. So that's why i've decided to share with you guys my updated skincare night routine, in case some are looking for answers to help your skin.  First off, cleansing my face! I prefer cream based cleanser because it's not so drying to the skin. If my skin is too dry, pimples will start popping out cuz my skin will try to produce more oil  (yes it's usually the opposite, but not for me!) Next off, Anti Spot Derm White Essence! I have loads and loads of pimple scars which is usually hidden under my concealer. So this is exactly what I need! It fades, Shrinks and Reduces stubborn Spots including acne scars for Flawless, Radiant, Hydrated Ski

Sponsored Review: Hada Labo Whitening Lotion

 Ever since i've hit puberty, i've been cursed with really REALLY bad skin. I had to face all my schoolmates and strangers with so many pimples on my face to the extend that I didn't care about it anymore :( Others think that my face is just really oily so I started getting oil blotting papers and I blot my face everytime it feels oily, without knowing the harms on it. The blotting paper strips off the natural oil of my skin which causes it to produce more oil which leads to MORE PIMPLES ommg. But everything changed when I started going to a facial center and they told me that my face has a mixture of dry skin (at the bottom layer) and oily skin (at the top layer) Or is it the other way round? o.o But anyways!! They encourage me to moisturize & tone my face every night and  it got better for a few weeks. After that, my pimples started coming back because to the moisturizer because it made my skin really oily. Here are all my skin problems whic