Eyelets and Tweed

It's Sunday morning and my home wifi is still down so i'm at the cafe right now typing this while freezing my ass off! 
Nope, I can't live without wifi :(

It's been awhile since my last outfit post.
Been so busy juggling work and preparing for something really special for Christmas for you guys!
Can barely breath but I know it's gonna be worth it at the end of the day.

Wearing my Eyelet Top which was originally from Cotton on, but thrifted it on carousell for about $6!
So many cheap treasures right there.
Got my tweed paperbag shorts at Bugis Street for $10! I thought it was a skirt at first and got really dissapointed when I went home to try it on.
But it doesn't look that bad after all!

Photos doesn't do the top justice, it looks really pretty with the crochet/mini eyelet details along with the tweed shorts in real life!
Such a comfy set to be worn on a lazy day.

Hahaha yes! I photoshopped the guy out in previous photos but I gave up after those few.
Took me 3 hours to do it :(

Btw Alicia was laughing at my grey studded beret cuz I told her I got it when I was young at the kids section in Giordano.
Still has the 'Giordano Kids' tag on at the back haha


Love love LOVE this bag so much!

Forgotten where I got the heels from but I will be selling it at the TBM flea next saturday along with my other shoes!
Do look out for it!

Yet another outfit that can't be bought from an online store as it's thrifted :(
But stay tuned to a list of online stores that I will be featuring next week!
Can't wait!

Thank you Alicia for standing in the heat to snap these photos!! <3

Beret: Giordano
Crochet Eyelet Top: Cotton On (Carousell)
Tweed Paperbag Shorts: Bugis Street
Photos: Alicia


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