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Ad: Bucktile St. Cafe

Traveled from the east all the way to the west for a little cafe date with my bf the other day. Yes, it was all worth it! Thank you Bucktile Cafe for the invite!
Do check out at the end of the post for some great deals!

Already loving the decor of this cafe before even going in.

Bucktile cafe also offers FREE WIFI!
So this means you can walk in for a study date or just chillax with your own laptop doing your assignments and work, or even watch some movies while eating! Yes, I get so excited whenever cafes have free WiFis because I always use my phone whenever i'm eating (yes yes i know.. bad habit!)

For all those girls who loves taking ootds, you can do so outside their cafe while waiting for your food! Haha Got prop somemore <3

Pretty pretty items on their shelves.  And I need that deer head sculpture in my room!

 I got really excited when I saw this poster on their wall once I walked in. Like an icecream shop, they have so many icecream flavors its crazy! Check out all their…

SP: "Knit To Shop" - Space Invasion

Brought my friend the other day to shop at Space Invasion and and she was so amazed over the variety of clothing they have. And I can tell she was totally going crazy at the sale rack that ranges from about $5-$10 hahah
Here's what I picked out from the store the other day:

Mustard Knitwear: Ellysage Grey Crop: Ninthstore Denim Skirt: Shop 6by6 And pairing it with my fav bag that I picked out wayyy back last year from Apparel Archive

Had only 15 mins to put together a whole outfit before they closed and I'm so glad I managed to pair everything nicely. That's because everything at their store is sectioned perfectly (Different brands on the racks, and all accessories are on the table). Not forget, the store is always so neat!
The Mustard Knitwear from Ellysage was the first thing that caught my eye. I've been searching high and low for a perfect mustard knitted cardigan and I'm so glad I've finally found one! I love how it's extremely textured unlike other k…

SIREN LONDON: The London Dream

Just found my perfect Little Black Dress! Wearing Flash Edge Tunic Dress that is currently on sale at $14, from Siren London.
Love how the Mesh neckline gives the illusion of an off shoulder dress. It's soo silky too which is really easy to wear on a hot weather!

Full Lookbook Collaborations Contact:
Hat: Thrifted Sunglasses: Statement Muse Tunic Dress: Siren London Coat: Thrifted Shoes: Deandri Photo: The BF

Been awhile since i've put something up here. So here's a little update of what's going on. Just came back from a dinner date with the bf at Eggs & Berries. The Salmon and Truffle Fries are so good!
Can't believe I missed the Youtube Fanfest yesterday where I can actually meet Bubz for the first time. Been watching her videos since I was 13 and she's an ultimate role model to everyone out there. Not only she taught us to be comfortable in our own skin nomatter how gross, weird we sometimes are (love her for that), we should also fin…