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Nano Mist Organic Hair Care at J7 Image

'Do it Bigger, Better' Wearing my black tassel shorts that I got in bulk the other time! I was looking for the white one for a really long time but I felt that I should style this black one first for this jungle inspired outfit. Cheetah Printed Bustier- MissTichy Crochet Knit Outerwear- Carousell @kissmywardrobe for $8, originally from Forever21 Tribal Tassel Sling- Carousell @ibuyishootisell for $10 Booked an appointment with J7 Image Salon with some of the girls before our shoot for the Mousetrap Website last Friday!   I was sooo stressed out about my hair because it was a HUGE disaster.   After I took out my hair extensions on Wednesday (which was in such a huge mess btw),  My hair was so dry and frizzy with about 3cm worth of roots that grew out cuz I can't touch them up with all the extensions on.   After I got my roots done up, I was really happy that I was able to visit J7 Salon again to straighten

Leather Roses

Hi!! I'm finally back in action! Starting off with this simple outfit post first.  It's finally Fall (fashion) so i'm starting it off with this burgundy colored outfit! Wore this outfit to the beach for a photo and I got so many 'wtf?' stares cuz it's scorching hot and i'm wearing like that HAHA  I've been wearing accessories from Statement Muse because I love them all so so much! They look expensive but in fact, they are super affordable and have a wide range of necklaces and sunglasses.  Strings hanging down my skirt cuz I was wearing my frayed shorts underneath. Thought I could edit them off but I'm so lazy :( This was one of those rare days that I had soft silky straight hair all thanks to J7Image's magic hands. Love how they have so many kinds of hair treatments to specially suit different kinds of hair types. Will write about it on my next one! Alicia always love to take candid shots of

Stateland Cafe

What I wore for a tea break at Stateland Cafe! Everything was picked up at Space Invasion on that same day and I wore it straight away cuz it's way too cute! Kinda suits the cafe theme as well doesn't it?? Will get into details on the individual items that I got from SI really soon! Visited this cafe again as I needed to snap some photos for this post which is dedicated to the launch of EP 3 of My Lunch Wagon! Will put the video at the bottom of this post!  What's a cafe without coffee, right? They have quite a number of coffee and tea selections to choose from. Not to mention, all day breakfast which I would love to have instead, if I ever pass by again! We ordered their Red Velvet waffle which is drizzled with cream cheese and vanilla icecream Not sure why, but it's tastier the other day we tried it during filming! Nevertheless, I love the color of it! My hair will be the same color as it in a few