Tips for Aspiring Fashion Enthusiast/ Bloggers

Hi everyone!
It's been awhile since I've updated this space with something more than my face haha.
My mind has been super duper active since 3am and I couldn't sleep so that's why I've decided to write this post right now at 7am! 
(Yup I have a hyperactive brain after 12am and i'm brain dead right after I wake up right till midnght so that's why you can't communicate with me well in the day lolol)
Not sure how will I be able to survive at work later on but we'll see!

I have been coming across and also met up with so so many aspiring fashionistas this past year which inspired me to write this post to hopefully help some of you!
I've been typing some tips on my phone's notes while lying down until i've decided, f*ck it! I'll just turn on my com and type it here instead hahah
So here's 10 tips dedicated to all those aspiring Fashion Enthusiasts and Bloggers out there!

Tips for Aspiring Fashion Enthusiast/ Bloggers

1) Passion

Fashion blogging (and also other types like food and travel blogging), requires so much more hard work than blogging about your everyday life.
Now now.. don't get angry over this sentence, Lifestyle bloggers! Haha
There's a difference between blogging about your everyday life, and Lifestyle Blogging. You don't have to think much while writing about your everyday life. But Lifestyle Blogs usually covers a few aspects like Fashion, Food and travel and mainly, Life. (which requires a lot of thinking and phrasing btw!)

That is why you need great passion to keep you moving or you will give up after trying for awhile!
'Passion' is the one word that I always tell others when they ask me how I do it. 
Passion is not a sudden burst emotion, but it's grown over the years. Some people are born with the it, and some are brought up with it.
Either way, Passion is an intense emotion that drives you to do what you love to do, with great enthusiasm! 

Not sure why, but I have always loved dressing up since I was really young. I remembered when I was in kindergarden, I went to my best friend's house to play dress up almost everyday omg. 
(Sigh.. it's so fun to be a kid.. just eat and play)
I was always envious of her clothing because they are so darn cute and just.. WOW!
I mean.. imagine your closet right now, times 2, filled with all the little pink clothing and SHOES. WHO HAS THAT!? That's like damn awesome and ridiculous at the same time la hahah!
But I was always looking forward to that fav part of the day.

Before audition, maple story and all the other games I played, I was in to since I was 6 wts.
Just checked the link, omg it's still there! was my fav too HAHA okay this is embarrassing. 

Also, you need to know what you are in to. The Fashion Community is huge, and is still growing rapidly. It's so crowded that you can actually see it anywhere and everywhere right now.
You will encounter countless of competition along the way, and also know that there will always be someone out there that is trying to win you. I know i know.. everything sounds so scary all of the sudden, but if you have great passion for fashion, then I'd say 'GO FOR IT!'

2) Start from something small and grow from there.

Here was how I started, 2012 when singaporean girls wasn't all about posting ootds so I didn't have much inspirations to rely on.
All I had was tumblr fashion!

A photo posted by @lindsayvoitton on

A photo posted by @lindsayvoitton on

A photo posted by @lindsayvoitton on

A photo posted by @lindsayvoitton on

Here's a few of my not-so-awesome photos.
So many fashion instagramers out there were already starting out snapping photos 10 times better than these!!

But everybody cannot be an expert overnight with a hugeass walk in wardrobes and what not.
Sure you have been following popular fashion bloggers, sure you know all their fashion tips.
But you need to know that they took years to grow, years to expand their closet and shoe collection etc.
They too, started from something small, and they learn and improve along the way.
That is why everybody needs to get rid of the mindset that needing money to splurge on bags, shoes and clothes is necessary before being a fashion enthusiast/ blogger.

If you scroll past my 500+ photos on Instagram since I was 16, you would notice that I had some weirdass clothing and I always repeat my clothes. 
I swear even 12 year olds right now have better clothes than when I was 16 T_T 
(lucky people since there's carousell and popular flea markets now)
I remembered wearing this one particular denim shorts for ootds I think like 4 days in a row? 
And only have 1 owl necklace which I wear with everything. HAHA! Whaat! they go with everything!! :(
Nope, there's nothing wrong with repeating clothing, but this is just an example of 'Starting small'! 
As long as you have some basics in your closet, you can start from there and work it with some creativity and imagination!

3) Don't be afraid to try something new

The fun part about dressing up is getting to wear different kinds of clothing everyday.
If you have always been wearing highwaisted shorts and crop tops (just an example hahah! not that there's something wrong with it), maybe try to get out of your comfort zone and try out dungarees, jumpsuits or jeans!
You might think that jeans are not your thing and you would rather wear skater skirts everyday because it suits your bodyshape, but you would be surprised about the variety of clothing you will look good in!

Also, trying out different styles of clothing can help you to discover your personal style much more.

A photo posted by @lindsayvoitton on

A photo posted by @lindsayvoitton on

If some of you remembered, I once had a bralet and floral-everything phase.
Everything was pastel and candy colored, which I still love!
But I guess I learnt to experiment with other types of clothes and i'm now more confident wearing different types of clothing and styles!

4) Get Inspirations

I think most people reading this, knows that I follow TONS of fashion bloggers and enthusiasts on Instagram!
Maybe 90% of them are fashion enthusiasts and only 10% are my friends and people i know in real life
(ikr such a loner haha)

They keep me inspired every single day with their different style of clothing and photos.
But it is good to have maybe 1 or 2 MAIN inspirations or fashion bloggers you look up to.
Nope, your inspirations don't need to be the 'omg-so-up-there-so-many-followers' kinda people!
As long as you love their style and fashion sense, they are your fashion inspiration.

I can't stress this enough that getting inspirations is VERY different from copying.
Get inspirations from their dress sense, how they match a particular outfit or their color palette. 
It doesn't mean you have to copy what they wear from head to toe and act or portray a certain way like they do.
Being an aspiring fashion blogger is also being who you are, keep your own essence and people will love you for you.
Because who knows, someone might look up to you one day! It would be nice to know that there's someone out there who likes your true character, don't you think?

5) Be a Goal Digger, not a Gold Digger!

Ask yourself what enticed you to becoming a fashion blogger. Is it the number of sponsorships you will be getting? Or is it because you simply have passion for it and it makes you happy doing it.

There is nothing wrong with getting overly excited when you receive your first email from a clothing sponsor.
I mean.. who doesn't love the feeling of getting noticed for your fashion posts and photos after some hard work, right? Because.. I did! 
But it is important that you don't turn your own passion turn into something that makes you strive to get a particular number of sponsorships within a particular timeframe.

What if one day you have too many sponsorships? Would you be frustrated and feel it's a burden to have to snap all the outfits?
And what if for a particular period you don't have any sponsorship? Will you not feel like dressing up and snap some photos?

I have noticed a few profiles who don't update for a whole week or 2 but only does when he/she has a sponsored outfit.
However, I sometimes give them the benefit of doubt because maybe they might be super busy!

Being a fashion enthusiast/ blogger is a lifestyle, which might turn into a job in future.
But remember that it shouldn't affect your passion in being one.
Do it just because you love doing it! Not because someone paid you to.

Set Goals. Not monetary goals ,but time goals.
 I shouldn't be the one telling you guys what goals to set because different people have different levels of passion, and everybody's lives differ.
Some might be having their holidays, some might be working and some are in school from 7am-4pm.
But we all know that hobbies take up time too, especially blogging and updating regularly!

What I usually do right now while juggling work and updating is to make use of every single free time I have.
For example, I will make it a goal to wake up earlier to do something productive before I start work at 11am!
There was one time where I head out at 6.30am just to catch the sunrise with my photographer.
It was never a burden. Because sometimes, we have to make sacrifices just to do the things we love doing!

Next part, i'll move on to: Getting your fashion noticed and increasing readership

6) Consistency

Ikr, whole different topic since I talked about passion and not being a gold digger before but now I moved on to gaining readership hahah.
But we all have to agree that one part of being a fashion blogger is to gain readership for your blog because if you don't, won't that mean that you will be typing to yourself? :(

Speaking about goals earlier, one of the goals some of us might have is the number of photos we post per week and blogging.
I have a friend who posts an outfit every single day because she makes an effort to, before/after work omg! 
(Haha you know who you are! Respect!)

But like what I have said earlier, everybody leads a different life. So set your own goal according to your own pace, and try your best to be consistent!

Not sure why, but after all these while being in fashion blogging and posting photos, I have realized that consistency is very, VERY important!
And i have no idea why it makes a huge difference in the number of engaged followers you have.
There were a few times where I took 1 or 2 weeks break from social medias and i noticed a drop of engaging followers I had. Not the number of followers, but engaging followers.
This means that my number of followers continues to grow, but my engaging followers took a huge dip in numbers and I have to continue updating again to gain back the same number.
So imagine taking a break, and it dropped, gaining it back and dropped again after another break.

Some people reasoned out that if you are MIA for too long, people forget about your existence.
That might be the case! But omg why do people forget others so easily T_T

So yup! Important point to take note is consistency, so people don't forget about you!

7) Good Photos

Don't we all love seeing good and creative photos? 
It's great that right now our phone cameras can now be compared to digital cameras, or even BETTER!
When I started snapping ootds on Instagram, I was using iphone 4 and yes, iPhone 4 camera quality #sucksballzzz! T_T
Eventually I upgraded to iPhone 4s (a little better), and then to my 8 megapixel casio digital camera, 
Had no difficulties using those and was actually quite happy with the results!
Right now anyone can take good and clear photos with their phone, along with all those editing apps.

Don't splurge on a camera just because those fashion bloggers are using it.
Do remember again, that they took years and years of improving, saving and upgrading.
Everybody started from something small, and even your phone cameras can produce good clear photos!

A photo posted by @lindsayvoitton on

This was taken with my sucky iphone 4 haha. But not so bad of a quality right?

One day, you will want to upgrade to a dslr once you think you are ready!

Don't follow the crowd, use your own creativity to make your own photos outstand the others.

8) Good Vocabulary & Topics

Blogging in general, requires you to have good vocabulary (or at least understandable sentences) or no one will know what you are talking about
Nope, you don't have to talk like a newsreader or a professor! It's your blog, so put some of your own personality on your typing. Everybody loves reading a blog that also shows the person's character!
but horh, plz dun type lyk tis k.

Discard your ahlianz typing dayz 
And I can guarantee that you will do yourself and everyone else a huge favor!!

Learn to know your target audience by checking which type of posts garner the most views.
That way, you can roughly know what kind of topics entice your viewers and keep them coming back for more.
It can be fashion tips, photos of you and where you got your outfits from, or just some photos about how your day went!

9) Stay Humble

Work hard, Dream big, but stay humble.
Teach those who are learning, and learn from those who are taught
Remember that being on this journey does not give you the ticket to judge other's whether it's their fashion sense, or anything else.
We need to remember that there will always be people out there who are better than us, and all of us are constantly learning everyday.
There will be no room for improvements if we think that we are better than everyone else!

Found this chart online and it actually taught me some meaningful stuffs so I've decided to share it with you guys!
I don't really like how it's named 'The Success Indicator' tho.
It's more like the Happiness Indicator, but I guess success and happiness goes hand in hand because it's a success when your life is happy! Haha

Successful (Or Happy) people embrace change and learn continuously.
Unsuccessful (Or Unhappy) people fear change, hold grudges and secretly hope others fail.
It's hard to stop holding grudges, but I guess it shall be one of my resolutions for 2015!

10) Make new friends and have fun!

When you have been in to fashion blogging or anything fashion related for quite awhile, you would have noticed many others who share the same interest as you!

Don't be afraid to make the first move to comment on their photo, say hi to them in real life, or even strike a conversation with them!

Remember to be genuine.
Because you would never know what kind of good people you will find, and they might be your close friends one day!
You don't have to do this alone.
Those who share the same interest with you will motivate you to keep going and have fun along the way!
Shout out to those who I am refering to! You know who you are!
Thank you for being you

So here you go! 10 tips for aspiring fashion enthusiasts and bloggers.
Use your passion, start small and grow from there.
Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and clothing with the help of inspirations!
Set goals, be consistent and it's a plus point to take clear and creative photos with interesting topics to entice your readers

Made my own quote for us to live by:

These are just basic tips for aspiring Fashion enthusiasts!
I believe that everybody is different and might share a different point of view
But this post is written with my own thoughts and how I feel it will help others according to what i've learnt the past few years!

It honestly warms my heart to see that there are girls out there coming up to me and telling me that they have been following my page from the start and inspires to be a fashion blogger one day.
So this is just my little way of saying thank you and I hope some of you girls can learn something from this!

If you have already accomplished all those points then, yay you're on the right track!
I know many fashion instagramers out there who already know how to take awesome photos.
So if you like reading these kind of posts, I might be writing more tips for those fashion enthusiasts who wants to advance themselves, but maybe wait till i'm in that position to write about it hahah.

Ending off with a sketch I did when I was 16.
Don't judge me hahaha I don't know how to draw human hands (alien hands, yes) so I just left it like that T_T

See you on my next post <3

Update 6.45pm: 
Just heard the tragic update on Air Asia on QZ8501 and i'm balling my eyes out..
We all put our hearts together and prayed..
2014 already has enough tragic events but it just had to end it this way
It aches my heart to see the faces of their family members and friends once they heard the news..

My heart goes out to all the victims' loved ones. Please stay strong
May 2015 be a better year for all of us.


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