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Adv: + Mousetrap Bloggers Gathering

I have been wearing a lot of mint/ turquoise colored clothing lately cuz It's one of my new fav colors to wear! I feel that mint colored clothing gives everybody that perfect fresh look, and it's also a perfect color for spring! Fortunately, carries a wide range of spring inspired clothing to prep you up for the perfect spring fashion this year. Every single one of their clothing are super cute!! You girls should really check out their ' Playsuits ' section, I can guarantee you that you will instantly go crazy when you see them. :P Yes, I had a really hard time choosing 3 of their clothing cuz i have an obsession for playsuits and rompers. They are like wearing dresses, but you don't have to worry about them flying up when the wind blows! Do check out for some spring cuteness!! Wearing the  California Playsuit  by It has some really cute daisy details at the top! As some of you may notice, I&

Pastel Bows + Amberlyn's Babyshower

We are never too old for pigtails! Back after about 2 weeks and I'm so grateful that my previous post- ' Types of people that I really like ' are being read by so many of you <3 Thank you so much, this shows that my typing effort did not go to waste! Anyway, I'm here to feature my super pastel outfit that I put together really fast for my personal advert shoot this morning. Presenting my very first non-flare skirt ever and i'm really loving it! I usually tend to stay away from tight fitting skirts and go for the flares cuz I have really narrow hips which makes me look like a lamp post :/ However, I decided to take my chance and chose this Ruffled Scallop Skirt in Lilac c/o !  It's a weekly preorder site that sells a wide range of cute and affordable clothing starting from only $18!!  Surprisingly, it's of a felt-like material which is quite stiff and it's wider at the hips area which giv