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(Adv) TheStyleCoordinator: Back To Black

Yup it's been awhile since I dressed up full black from head to toe!   Who says Black is always edgy? Just made it girly by wearing my Floral Satin Romper with pretty crochet trimmings at the bottom! Cynched my waist with a gold buckle belt and matched it with my round gold half-rim sunnies from Statement Muse. 

If you haven't noticed already, I am a huge sucker for kimonos and anything with fringes. And I'm so happy that Thestylecoordinator has this really pretty Black Chiffon Fringe Kimono on their site!  I fell in love with it immediately and I knew I had to choose this one.   It's so flowy that it makes anyone feel like an angel by just walking against the wind haha!  
Oh and do you know what is the most important factor for a kimono outerwear in my opinion?   Its the bell sleeves or bat wing sleeves! Either one would give that 'true kimono feel' that it's suppose to give.  Not sure if it's just me, but I hate seeing chiffon cardigans with tight sl…

Videos I watch on my free time

Since I was sec 1, the only channels I follow and watch are the most popular ones like NigaHiga, MichellePhan, BubzBeauty, JennaMarbles
Love it cuz they are either really really funny and/or informative!
Almost everybody I know subscribes to them and watch their videos.
I never really discover other youtubers but this time, I've decided to get away from my comfort zone and watch all kinds of videos other than those subscribe to!

Fallen sick for a few days now so this means free time for us!
It's raining so heavily now and I just wanna cuddle up with my bf and watch videos together while sharing a tub of Ben & Jerry.

Been watching so many videos lately so I've decided to share which channels I have just discovered and what I usually watch on youtube at this moment!
If your weekend is dull and boring, then get some chips, sit back and watch them with me cuz they will definitely make your day!!

I've recently subscribed to LeendaDProductions and I was like
'OMG wh…

Halloween x Digital Fashion Week Day 1

'Gain respect and class, not annoyance to everyone' -Thoughts.

So happy to be able to attend the Digital Fashion Week on Friday! Friday was the first day of DFW and it also happened to be Halloween. I was only able to attend the last show of the day after work, but I'm glad I did make it! Met so many of my fashion inspirations there and I won't ever forget this day.

Here's my Halloween Inspired outfit! I actually 'made' this the night before and I actually recorded the process of it. But I didn't have time to edit it so here I am, just writing it in words.
It was actually a Sparrow LOL  but since others were guessing  Black Swan, I decided that oh well, lets just name it Black Swan because it looks more like it.
I chose this dress because the black lace over the skin color lining makes the whole outfit look 'pasted on'. It's like lace grew on me hahah. Black fauxfur coat represents the feathers on the Swan (or sparrow) And the mesh skirt th…