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Eyelets and Tweed}
Sunday, 14 December 2014 | 20:18 |

It's Sunday morning and my home wifi is still down so i'm at the cafe right now typing this while freezing my ass off! 
Nope, I can't live without wifi :(

It's been awhile since my last outfit post.
Been so busy juggling work and preparing for something really special for Christmas for you guys!
Can barely breath but I know it's gonna be worth it at the end of the day.

Wearing my Eyelet Top which was originally from Cotton on, but thrifted it on carousell for about $6!
So many cheap treasures right there.
Got my tweed paperbag shorts at Bugis Street for $10! I thought it was a skirt at first and got really dissapointed when I went home to try it on.
But it doesn't look that bad after all!

Photos doesn't do the top justice, it looks really pretty with the crochet/mini eyelet details along with the tweed shorts in real life!
Such a comfy set to be worn on a lazy day.

Hahaha yes! I photoshopped the guy out in previous photos but I gave up after those few.
Took me 3 hours to do it :(

Btw Alicia was laughing at my grey studded beret cuz I told her I got it when I was young at the kids section in Giordano.
Still has the 'Giordano Kids' tag on at the back haha


Love love LOVE this bag so much!

Forgotten where I got the heels from but I will be selling it at the TBM flea next saturday along with my other shoes!
Do look out for it!

Yet another outfit that can't be bought from an online store as it's thrifted :(
But stay tuned to a list of online stores that I will be featuring next week!
Can't wait!

Thank you Alicia for standing in the heat to snap these photos!! <3

Beret: Giordano
Crochet Eyelet Top: Cotton On (Carousell)
Tweed Paperbag Shorts: Bugis Street
Photos: Alicia

XMAS Flea Gift 6 Dec 2014}
Thursday, 4 December 2014 | 23:09 |

I'm so excited to be attending another flea with my boyfriend once again, and this time it will be the Flea Gift by Goodcitizensg
Do check them out as well as the other bloggers who will also be there!

As usual, I'm gonna feature just less than 20% of what I will be bringing this coming Saturday on the 6th December, hopefully to lure some you girls there :P

There will be 210 BOOTHS there! Yes so many vendors!!
I bet you won't finish viewing all of them within an hour, so do make yourself free on that day!

What's more, they will be giving away FREE GOODIE while you are shopping!
More details bellow.

What's pretty stuffs without pretty prints on some shorts right?

Expect loads of floral, laces and even DENIM STUDDED SHORTSSS that I will be handmaking just for the flea!

Bringing along all my fav kinds of summery crop tops just because I'm more into knitwear/coats this season.
Here's just a few that I'm featuring, there's morrreeee

Crochet and cupcake bodysuits!

For those who doesn't like wearing bright colors, rest assured, there will be dark colored clothing as well!

Clearing up all my Bustier tops that I was selling previously, all bellow my cost price! 

Here comes my fav part of this post- MY ROMPER COLLECTION!
Yes I have been giving them so much love and now it's time to let them go.
They are all either brand new, or in great condition! 
Which are your favorites? 

Here's my favourite few...

Please give them love once u purchase them, I don't usually have emotional attachment to clothing except my rompers hahaha 

And nothing at  my booth is more than $20!
Starting from only $5

Need to get rid of some shoes after getting new ones all these months.

Don't worry! They will all be cleaned or washed before selling! 
(I'll try my very best to clean each one of them as much as possible) 

Hope for the best that u have the same shoe size as me!! 
Sorry for those of you who wanna get them but are not the same size :( 
But feel free to rampage through my clothing! 

OH And I almost forgot,
Trying to clear them all so do check them out :)

So excited to be seeing some of you who will be attending! 
Do note that all these clothes I've featured or not all of them, these is just a sneak peek!! 

You just have to attend to see them,

Expect some goody bags that will be given away by the GoodCitizenSG team!
Look! It's all packed nicely for all of you!

So join us at the FLEA GIFT
6 Dec Sat at 12pm to 8pm
(Come as early as you can just so you wont miss out!)

Here's a transport guide to get there:
PLEASE USE THE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE if you are going there by public transport!

Okay I shall go pack all of them now in my 2 luggages, my room in is a mess since yesterday morning as you can see HAHAH

Gonna be shopping with all of you at the Flea Gift!

Ad: Asian Skin Solutions}
Wednesday, 3 December 2014 | 00:03 |

Hey everyone!
I'm finally back and i'm so happy to share with you guys more of my skincare journey to healthier skin!

Don't think you would be able to see my acne scars on my face cuz I slapped on about 5cm (LOL)  of foundation for my shoot before I head to Asian Skin Solutions that day.
But everything will be shown to you guys later on this post.

As I have stated on my earlier skincare posts, I was one of those unlucky few who was suffering from explosive breakouts once I hit puberty.
Nothing helped until I started visiting facial centers. 
My acne got better and better and that's when I realize that going for facial appointments really helped me regain my confidence by looking healthier and happier!

Right now all i'm left with is my acne scars that was left from a few years ago (which you can see later on) and clogged pores!

I am so happy to be invited to try out Asian Skin Solutions to get rid of my acne scars and mini breakouts!!
It has been bothering me for quite awhile cuz it makes me feel really insecure whenever I need to leave the house without makeup to run a fast errand.
I rely a lot on my concealers and foundation :(

Anyway, Asian Skin Solution focuses and caters to Asian skin types, which is very VERY important!
This is because there are a few differences between Asian & Caucasian skin.

 Many of you may be familiar with Asian Skin Solutions as it is a sponsor of the Star Awards 2013/14. Anyway, Asian Skin Solutions focuses and caters to Asian skin types, which is very VERY important! More description: it customizes your treatment according to your skin analysis and uses superior technologies and equipment to achieve the most effective results to perfect your complexion!

I actually wanted to say that i feel unlucky to have Asian Skin cuz Caucasians are less prone to pimples and scarring skin.
BUT, then again I realize that they are more prone to wrinkles so I was like..

'Okay, maybe I prefer having asian skin instead where I can cure with the help of facial and then have baby skin after :D'

Yup, with the help of Asian Skin Solutions, we can all achieve that!

Tea served to me right when I sat down to fill in the form before consultation!

And then the consultation starts!!
I'm so so happy with the service as I realize that they always give their 100%.

Also, this consultation is very important because the treatment that they perform for you is specially customized to solve your skin's problems.

Scaning my skin to see how bad it is hahah.
Surprisingly, my 'Roughness & Pores' percentage is really low!
Phew, it could have gotten worse if not for the change of skincare products that I used.

Next, they also scanned my dryness level and it was actually quite high!
She told me that i have 'Combination Skin' where overall, my skin looks dry at the top layer
and therefore, it's trying to product a lot of oil at the bottom layer to balance it out and hence I am breaking out under my dry skin :(

They will be moisturizing my skin during the treatment but in the long run, I would need to start drinking LOADS of water to cure my skin!

Scanning to see my wrinkles level, which I feel it was quite unnecessary given that i'm 19 years young LOL
But just kidding, it's also an important step because one might have premature ageing skin, and steps should be taken early to reduce it!

Then, she scanned 4 areas to show me which part of my face is the unhealthiest and their respective collagen levels.

Forehead, Cheeks, Chin and then for comparison, my arm.

As you can see, my forehead is the worse looking among the 4 and contains least collagen(1st pic)
Scaring, old pimples, new pimples, and unhealthy skin texture.
Cheeks and chin is slightly better looking, but there are also some breakouts here and there especially  for my cheeks!
My arm ofcuz looks the best cuz it's more hydrated. Also, she told me that a healthy skin's texture comes in a form of 'triangles'.
Looking back at pic one of my forhead, there's no 'triangles' on my skin at all omg. Looks very unhealthy!

Going through the form.
Everything looks good, and then we are off to start the treatment!!

I'm always so amazed at facial centers cuz it always look really small from the outside (to save unnecessary space so more rooms can be created)
But once I step into the treatment room's pathway, suddenly it looks SO HUGE!
So many rooms that are fully used up, and here's mine:

HAHHA feeling like a VIP!

Room filled with flowers and printed bedsheets.
Love how to put effort in the room design too! Makes me feel more relaxed and at home. 
Btw the lights in the treatment room is not suppose to be this glaring.
They on it for me for my photo taking purposes only. If not, they would only on the cosy orange nightlight!

I'm a sucker for anything pink and floral!

Time to change into my pink robe!!

BTW! One of the few things that I absolutely love about their treatment room is their bedsheets.
Usually, I would freeze to death at other facial centers cuz they will only cover me with a towel (or two, if I ask for it)
But for Asian Skin Solution, they give u ACTUAL blankets, with a comforter under it somemore to make it even more comfortable omg.
It's the small simple things they do just for your comfort <3

And here we go!!
They are so sweet to have another lady to snap these photos.

Piled on quite a lot of makeup that day cuz I had a shoot earlier.
So they are removing it carefully to make sure that they don't tug my skin.

Especially the eye area!!
See, you can slowly see my pimple scars showing already HAHA

Cleanising my face to remove dirt and oil to prepare for the treatment!

Applying this gel to soften my pores to get ready for gentle extraction!

When they told me it's time for extraction, I kinda freaked out a little cuz I have a phobia of facial extractions LOL
At previous facial centers I went to, extraction was always so painful and there's like blood here and there ( I know it cuz I touched my face when the lady went away for awhile) 

BUT SURPRISINGLY, this didn't hurt that much here!!
Not gonna lie, it hurt a little, maybe like an ant bite. BUT it's definitely not comparable to the previous facial centers which I went to.
Some used their fingers to squeeze, and some use the scraping method. Some used this method too but idk why the hell they would need to pierce my face so hardly. LOL

Love how they emphasis on GENTLE extraction in their facial treatments cuz it's very very important to extract black & white heads lightly in order that our pores doesn't become bigger in this process.
Also, it's performed only when needed!

Idk why, but I feel very grateful to them when they do this process.
It's like... " Omg THANKYOU for handling my face so gently and not jamming needles into my face T_T "

Next, it's time for the softening essence mask for hydration cuz facial extraction can be quite drying to my skin!

This is my favorite part of the whole process - Cell Repairing Essence + Repairing Machine Therapy!

Never used this before, and I'm glad that they introduced me to this!
It's directed into the skin for better absorption for the Cell Reparing Essence.
Doing my right side first so she can show me the before & after comparison of my skin!

I love how it makes my face so cold and minty while they use this machine.
Such a shiok feeling, you guys must try it yourselves to know how it feel!!

She then gave me a mirror to compare my right & left.

Not sure if you can see the slight difference, but I definitely can see it on my own skin!
It is looks softer, dewy and more radiant too!
My scars and pigmentation brightened and redness reduced as well!

Then ofcorse, she did the other side as well to balance it out hahah.
Super shiok, wish I have this machine so I can do this everyday LOL.

Next, she rinses it off to get ready for the Pressure- Point Massage Therapy!

Omg I love this!!
Her hands are so so fast, wish I had taken a video down cuz you guys would be so amazed as I was.
The photorapher had to tell her to slow down or pause just so she can snap the photos HAHA
Yes, she was this fast!

Also, I didn't know that massaging our pressure points on our face would really soothe our whole body. Never felt so relaxed for a really long time!
This treatment focuses more on the pressure points of the eye to relax and soothe them to release tension and fatigue.
It's great for people like me who is always on their phones and computer screens!

First layer is the rejuvenating mask that is packed with intensive repairing nutrients!

Since the treatment is called 'Double-Action Cell Repairing Mask',
There is a second layer for more benefits!

Spreading this minty green mask!

Did this before and I have always wondered how I look like under this, cuz I can't see anything at all.
Suddenly feel quite accomplished cuz I finally managed to see how I look like and omg it looks really weird LOL.

Anyway, this Double Action Cell Repairing Mask is so good cuz it helps to provide
essential cell repairing nutrients to your skin cells for faster regeneration.
It also evens out skin tone for a brighter and more radiant look!

Suddenly i'm glowing!!
My skin is now bright, soft and hydrated! No more dry flaking and peeling skin!

To end off the treatment, they gave me this Pressure-point and Shoulder Massage Therapy where it focuses on important pressure points to help me relax, relieve tension and refresh my tired self.
Yep I really needed it!

Also, it helps to make my blood circulate after lying there for about an hour without moving!

Supple and Radiant skin right after the treatment!!
Can't wait for the day where I don't have to leave the house without my foundation!

Thank you Asian Skin Solutions for the great experience!!

Also, they gave me this Luxury White cream that is one of the star products of Asian Skin Solution!

It's been about 2 weeks and I found that my skin is now softer and more radiant after the treatment.
Also, with the help of this Luxury White Cream, It brightens my acne scars so now they are less visible too!
The texture is so light and it instantly hydrates my skin when I put on every night!
Love it!!

If you are experiencing any skin problems on your face, I truly recommend that you visit a skin care specialist early because it really REALLY helps a lot.

Applying products that you think might help your skin and also just washing your face regularly doesn't help as much as you think it would.
I'm a real life example!!

So impressed with Asian Skin Solution because they analyse my skin very thoroughly and then perform the treatment that is customized for my skin problems.
Also, their treatments are targeted not just to solve the needs on my skin's surface, but also repair my skin foundation for healthier skin cells!

If you are interested in trying out their treatments like what I did, they are currently holding an exclusive Christmas special for you guys!!

Simply make a skin wish this Christmas (by filling out the form below) and stand to win $1288 worth of shopping vouchers for a merry Christmas!

 In the spirit of giving, all participants can also redeem 1 Full session of Customized Double-Action Skin Repair Treatment + Luxury Whitening Cream worth $268


Terms and Conditions to apply:
Not suitable for eczema skin types
Strictly by appointment only.

Parkmall 9 Penang Road #11-04 Spore 238459
Bugis Village 154 Rochor Road Singapore 188425
Call 6767 0077 for enquiries