A Better Florist

Look what came in- Tulips from abetterflorist.com!!
Just what I needed for a friend's birthday. I chose Tulips as it expresses cheerful thoughts and sunshine.

What I love about A Better Florist is that they offer same day delivery of Fresh Flowers islandwide!
I know, perfect for someone one like me who always scrambles around last minute on the same day as the occassion itself just to find a perfect florist/gift HAHA.

They source their blooms directly from flower farms in Cameron Highlands to offer us the freshest products at an affordable price.
With their user friendly website, you can purchase your fresh blooms with a just a few clicks and it will be delivered to you (or the receiver at the party) on the same day wherever you are in Singapore!
How awesome is that!!

*Cue another pretty photo*

Now off we go to deliver these pretty flowers!

Don't want flowers for this occassion? They also offer a wide variety of hampers for other occasions! 
My favorite would be the Baby Shower set as it has a large variety of selections- everything from clothing, shoes, bibs, diapers for the baby- birds nest & fruits for the new mother.
That way, you don't have to scurry around the super market and head to Mothercare to get the full set as it's already ready for you from the website. :D

Also, if you are thinking of getting floral services for your business, A Better Florist have their own designers that don't just make arrangements, but create living art.
Their services range from providing single stem-bud vases or succulents, to delivering individual floral arrangements, to decorating entire living or working spaces.
Check them out for more by clicking the image below

Thank you A Better Florist for providing us a one stop service for all flowers and gifts!!
Saves us all the trouble when flower picking and gift selecting is suppose to be fun and easy.

Advertorial Review: ePure Membranous Jelly Masque

Hi guys, i've Just touch down KL!!
Woke up at 6am and i finally got to my hotel at 2pm today. 
Didn't have time to go to my facial appointments for about 2 months now and my face is feeling so rough and dry. So I made it a point to bring some masks with me for this trip to combat my dehydrated and dull skin.
And today, I brought my  ePure Membranous Jelly Masque!!

Was super exited to use it because JELLY!

A closer look of my face. 
This is what a continuous week with lack of sleep looks like.


Yep, it's one of those days where I felt that my skin is rough, dry and OILY at the same time.
Too much gunk in my skin that I just felt like to squeezing them all out.
Even though squeezing gunk (black heads, white heads, oil sebum) out is so satisfying, that's not the way to do it because it will only expand your pores.
And nobody want's huge pores!! So what to do?

ePure Membranous Jelly Masque to the rescue!
*ques holy music*

Haha i'm so lame..

Been only using the conventional sheet masks and was so excited to try something new.
What's cool about this mask is that it has ACF (Active Cellular Factor). It retains 70% more moisture than other sheet masks and forces the skin pores to fully absorb the nourishing ingredients while instantly drawing out any impurities of my skin.

Let's try this! 
Washed and toned my face before this so I have a clean and even base to work with.
Also this makes sure that my skin can absorb the most out of this mask.

A spatula will be included when you obtain these jelly masks.
This makes applying neat, easy and most importantly- hygienic 

Just scoop some out....

....And apply a thick layer on your skin (about 0.3-0.5cm)

This is how it looks like when you're done applying!
ps: it smells naturally AMAZING. Love vanilla anything!

Now after this, all you need to do is to chill.

While doing that, let me share with you about the natural key ingredients in this mask that nourishes and treats your skin:

Alpha Arbutin is an extract from a Bearberry Plant- life saver for any ladies out there who has sensitive skin like me. Not only it soothes and treats any inflammation like pimples and allergies, it also brightens your skin at the same time.

Also this is important especially for us living in SUNNY Singapore.
Even though freckles are cute, we try to avoid getting any as it's not gonna look as cute when we get older (haha amirite?) 
Dark spots forming on our cheeks are triggered by exposure to sunlight. The exposure to UV-B radiation activates melanocytes to increase melanin production, which can cause freckles to become darker and more visible.

However, Alpha Arbutin will reduce the reaction of melanin to sunlight which prevents dark spots from forming, and at the same time naturally brighten up any skin pigmentation.
No more dull and sallow days for me!

Hyalyruronic Acid- Women's best friend. 
We all naturally have it, but we will always want MORE! That's because Hylyruronic Acid retains moisture and creates fullness which keeps your skin supple and youthful.

Having this key ingredient in masks are very important as not only it keeps you looking young, it helps your skin heal any existing scars faster than usual.

Because Seaweed is ALWAYS good for you! High in vitamins and high concentrations of minerals.

Sometimes, it's not about just having clean skin. Did you know that poor blood circulation adversely affect the state of our skin too? It's usually the main cause of unflattering skin tone, acne, wrinkles and dark eye circles (which I can never get rid off no matter how much sleep I get).

However, the Seaweed extract promotes good blood circulation and at the same time detoxify and cleanse our skin. Saying goodbye to my panda eyes soon! (Of course I have to accompany it with good sleep and good exercise too) But thank you seaweed for aiding me in that process :P

Perfect for me as I have combination skin. This means that because my skin is too dry, it is trying to combat that by producing more oil- which sux a lot. Like.. can you please be neither dry nor oily?

Also not to forget- if you look at the closeup of my problematic face, it is full of bumps and unevenness especially on my forehead and some on my cheeks

But thankfully, Jojoba Leaf Extract is rich in Vitamins to smoothen the skin and also gets rid of dryness.

Natural Vanilla scent- Because why not!?

20 mins up- last look of my face!

And wash the mask off with warm water.

And i'm done!
Not sure if you can see the difference through the photo, but I can feel that my skin is so much smoother and supple. Loovveeee the feeling. I'm so impresssed!
Yes, 25 mins is all you need to pamper your face

Thank you ePure for letting me try on these Membranous Jelly Masques!
Definitely bringing them around wherever I go.

Do check out 
for more of their products

and follow them on instagram
for the latest updates!!

Till next time~

Bangkok Day 1-3 - Husky Cafe & Asiatique Riverfront

Reached the airport at 6.30 for our 7.20 flight.
Grabbed a quick breakfast and rushed onto the plane.
I swear our time management really need to improve!

"Bye Singapore!"

It was my first time being in Bangkok and it was amazing! 
(except for getting lost and walking under the scorching sun)

But THANK GOD for unlimited data for google mapping - that we purchased immediately after we touched down Suvarnabhumi Airport at 8am, BKK time. Bought our first Thai Milk Tea and went for our cab (which was a very, i repeat.. VERY bad idea)
30 mins in Bangkok and we were already coned hahah
800 Baht for a 20 mins ride to Pratunam? No thanks!! 
Note to self: Take the Airport Rail link which costs like idk.. 145 baht? 

We stayed in Hotel De Bangkok which was the best choice ever! Extremely clean & new, amazing room service, bathtub included and there's a balcony. We actually booked another hotel which was way more expensive but got all these for only $48 a night, which I saw on Groupon, and made the switch the last minute. 
One thing I love about this hotel is that there's a huge space outside the lobby door as seen in the photo, to chill or what not. So , I actually feel safe once I step into this area, unlike the others where you see the busy road once u step out the hotel.

Also, they have a designated taxi driver outside the gate-- who always asks us where are we going so he can drive us. Which is really cool! Just that it gets quite annoying after a few days as we have to politely decline all the time after haggling his overpriced offer. :( 

Headed to Vanilla Cafe at Ekkamai for dinner

Calamari & Olives-- BOMB! <3

Our meh matcha mint latte.
No taste at all 

Headed to Platinum area for more food and some shopping!
Totally loving the vibe of this place.. I mean CHECK OUT THEIR FOOD VAN!
And that guy wearing the floral crown. Coachella much!?

Saw quite a few people queuing for this so thought we should try it out!

Them giant prawns tho!!

Got some drinks, headed back to the hotel to recharge and get ready for..
Day 2!

Pantip Plaza A&W for a quick brunch and off to
Dream World!

Not as pretty compared to USS cuz it's quite run down and most of the rides are not fun at all.
But the freaking Tornado Ride was extremely TORMENTING!! I've never cried during any rides before T_T
Ps: my Bf and I only sits on the Cyclon Ride and the Mummy (for some aircon) when we are at USS so you know how much we LOVE the thrill of roller coasters.
But this Tornado Ride.. Oh gosh.. Never again hahah!!

Freshly Cut potato chips!! So tasty.
Huge makeupless face coming through :P #sorrynotsorry

Pimped our ride.

Cabbed back to our hotel to wash up and rest.
Too tired to eat out, so called for room service and had our own 'little' dinner in our balcony

Met Gina and Kaiwen about 9pm-ish and squeezed in 1 single tuktuk. Yes all 5 of us haha
Looked for Eileen and her bf and off for some shopping at Siam Night Market

Day 3: Lunch at our hotel.
Ps: the Pineapple Rice was AMAZING

Went back to Ekkamai Area for a Tea Break at Patisserie Rosie.

Got our Cranberry Smoothie! 

Rushed off to Husky Cafe for their last slot at 6pm.
We had to fill in a form and was then given 2 coupons which entitles us to 1 Cake and 1 Drink.

I got a mocha latte and he got an ice chocolate.
 Mines a little too rich and thick but it kept me going through the evening since we woke up quite early.

We were looking at the normal cakes in the chiller until they showed us the freezer full of ICE CREAM CAKES! Duh we got to have them instead.
Immediately went for this Caramel Mocha with crushed hazelnuts at the top (i think)

At first I was abit skeptical about this Husky cafe.
I mean.. keeping about 20 huskies together in the humid weather in Thailand!? Sounds like torture.
But when I watched this introduction video, it 100% changed my mindset.

All huskies are kept and pampered in an airconditioned area and are let out to play every 2 hours when customers arrive.
Also they are fed and groomed very well, which explains their silky coat of fur and fat bellies, and are loved by each and every owner of the cafe!

See what I meant!! 
They love to go to them more than us HAHA

This one sleeps all day err day.

My bf LOVES Huskies!
 Too bad we are not gonna get one unless we are living somewhere else other than Singapore. 
But in the mean time, we get to hug and touch them for 20 mins that day.

Photo with our fav husky! 
Actually cuz it's the only one that is super chill (and sleepy) and lets us snap photos with him haha.
And look at those 2 huskies at the back probably having a conversation with each other.

Headed out to the main road when we saw a row of road side stalls that smells amazing.
Since they are already starving, we stopped by this stall to get some noodles before heading out to Asiatique.

It started raining heavily once we sat down and their main goal was to keep their customers dry by opening up the umbrellas and clipping up more plastic to extend the shelter.
Doing all these without caring that they are standing cold under the heavy rain with all the roads flooded with water.

Once they took care of the customers, they continued cooking for us with a huge smile on their faces.
<3 <3

Made with so much love T_T
Won't forget this simple yet delicious meal haha

Train ride!

Caught the 10.30pm boat to Asiatique Riverfront.
Planned to meet up with the rest for supper since they were already there earlier.
But we only had about 45 mins to catch the last boat back so we decided to roam around for awhile

Love the atmosphere!!
It's like our Clarke Quay, but WAY more beautiful.
Definitely coming here again.. probably at like 5pm when it's not this dark and crowded haha

When in Thailand, we ONLY drink Thai Milk Tea lolol

Super cute bar soaps made from different fruits and flowers!

End of Day 3!
To be continued...