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Craft Bakery & Cafe

Did a little outfit-shoot with sweetest girl, Amanda, and RyanJames Photography, and it turned out really well! We asked the uncle if we can borrow the area for construction and he happily let us. Thank you! Our photos wouldn't turn out this well if wasn't for the location! Soldier on. And I wasn't giving the right salute pose oops! Hahaha Our color-coordinated American Festival Inspired outfits! Amanda kuan (Left): Parka [RugsandRacks] + Bronze Knitwear [StyleLustGirl] + Tinsel Bag [BKK] Me (Right): Black Bralette [NastyGal] + Crochet Crop Top [Thriftstore] + Camel Outerwear [LaLaland] +  Owl Necklace [Forever21] + Shorts with bronze detailing [Thrifted for $12] + Belt [Thrifted for $2] Here's just Part 1, Part2 coming up soon! Photo creds:  RyanJames Photography Cafe hopping with the girls! We wanted to have a Pastel Picnic for a really long time now but due to the constant rain past few days and DEAD GRASS, we

Lindsay's week through her iPhone Camera

Decided to spam some pics taken from my phone to show you guys what I have been doing this whole week (Since this is also a lifestyle blog) Lots of unglams, candids and pictures of my friends too! Might be doing this every week (If my week is up to standard) LOL Cuz who would wanna see 50 pics of me lying on bed watching movies all day, right? Hahah Sunday Decided to catch up with Gina somewhere near so we headed to Bedok Mall to have lunch! We were like craving for ramen so we headed to Ramen Play Deciding on what to order cuz everything looks so good! Gyoza  (Something i HAVE to order whenever Im eating at a Japanese restaurant :P) Gina's Toruniku Ramen Ordered Chicken Curry Ramen. Was having second thoughts for this cuz I was afraid it will taste just like the Japanese curry rice selling at food courts. But ommg it was so nice!! Even tho the soup is not the thick kind (Which i was afraid it would be), i