Ad: My trip to Bucktile St. Cafe

Yay headed to Bucktile St. Cafe right after some errands on Friday since I was already in the West.
Decided to bring my Mother and her Friend along for some treats!
It was a rainy day so this sets up the perfect mood for some hot snacks and cakes.

We were greeted with some awesome Weekday deals right at the doorstep of the cafe.
20% off any beverage with every mains purchased
30% off 1 slice of cake/tiramisu with every mains purchased
40% off the 2nd Main with every mains purchased
10% off everything in the menu!

Also, do note that they are closed EVERY WEDNESDAY!

Bucktile Cafe is well known for their tiramisu in a pot.

I remembered that I was going crazy and gushing over how cute and amazing their tiramisu on my other post.
Choose between their Original/Oreo/Horlick flavors
Definitely one of the must-try items when you visit them!

A wide variety of cakes to choose from.
Omg ALL of them looks so good, don't you agree?

Absolutely loving their menu.
Reminds me of our oldschool notebooks that we used when we were little!
Slept at 2am and woke up at 6.45 and still had to rush to do some work after our meal..
Was already falling asleep but thank god for COFFEE!!
We turned to the 'Coffee Break' page and there were so many types of flavors- some of which we have never tried before. (this is only just 1 of the 2 pages)

Since Aunt Lydia is a sweet tooth, she chose a cup of hot Peppermint Chocolate to go with her meal.

My mum was actually very intrigued with the coffee flavors.
She's is a little bit more adventourous and went for a cup of Tiramitsu Latte since she said 'tiramitsu is meant to be a cake but now there's tiramitsu LATTE!?'
Haha yes, she's a tiramitsu lover for sure.

I, of course went for a cold drink instead- Cremebrule Latte! (You can opt for the hot version too)
This is perfect for those starbucks lovers, who loves drinking what I call the 'Dessert Coffee' which means it's sweet, not bitter, and has the distinct flavor of Cremebrule/ Hazzlenut or whichever flavor you chose.


As seen on my previous post, they have came up with a Blue Velvet Waffle cake which I'm in love with.

Since many people loved it too, they now added on a BLUE VELVET WAFFLE!!
I swear I love this so much I CAN'T EVEN hahaha!

Their Belgian Waffle is crispy on the outside, light fluffy on the inside.
We can hear the 'crisp' sound when we cut it. Yes, you know it's good waffle when you do the 'sound test' on it haha
I thought that since I will be drizzling the Tiffany Blue White Cocoa on it, I decided to choose the Vanilla Bean flavor (so the color will show up better in picture HAHA)
But it was the perfect choice because it made my waffle taste creamier!

Here are the different Ice Cream flavors you can choose from.
I would definitely try the Salted Caramel and Earl Grey flavor the next time I pass by that area!!

Aside from the awesome Blue Velvet Waffles, the rainbow cake looks picture perfect too!
It's very colorful but I would recommend this for those coffee drinkers who would prefer something a little less sweet.

And YAY for hot snacks!!
Their chicken wing is so bomb because not only it's juicy, the outer layer is crispy too!

And I think that this is the first ever sweet potato fries that I actually love.
I've always hated sweet potato fries after trying the one from Macdonalds (ew). 
But thank you Bucktile for changing my mind!!
This sweet potato fries are fried in Truffle Oil to give out that distinct truffle taste.
If you know me personally, you would know that Truffle Fries ARE MY THANG <3

Thank you Bucktile St. Cafe for inviting me for snacks and coffee!
I would say-- the Blue Velvet Waffle is my absolute favorite. I definitely recommend you trying it out for just one time. I think I am Hooked and so will you!

Bucktile Cafe is located at
104 Faber Drive

If you are taking public transport, the nearest mrt would be at Clementi.
Take 105 at Clementi MRT and alight 2 stops after.
After that, follow the map below accordingly and you will reach Bucktile St. Cafe!

Do follow Bucktile St. Cafe on their Instagram and Facebook to be updated on the newest items and the latest promotions.
Have fun, and have a scrumptious meal!!


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