Sunflower Craze

01:22 Lindsayvoitton 25 Comments

Day out at the beach!!
Such a carefree and peaceful day as there were very little people there. Perfect weather too!

Oh! Check out my tumblrish hanging outfit I took just a couple of steps away from my home. Been seeing hanging-on-the-wall outfits on my Instagram feed lately so i decided to do my own version by hanging it on the tree! :P Hope you love my editing!!

-About This Look-
Sunshine, Beach, Sunflower clothing, omg what's not to love!! Made my own Sunflower Headband the day before and i used the wrong glue!! There were 4 sunflowers but once i reach the beach, im left with only one on my head :( Don't laugh at me! >.< Anyways, i wore one of my fav Lace Crop Top out today! It's not mine though, My friend lend it to me. I bought it before but sold it away after a few days #regretful. But thanks Eileen!!:) Paired it off with some SUNFLOWER SHORTS!! Sunflowers makes everyone happy don't you think? :) I also brought out my Leather Tinsel Bag and slipped on my Beaded Sandals. Really love days like these where I don't have to wear heavy or tight clothing.
-Where I Got Them-
Sunflower Headband- Handmade by me (Tutorial post soon!!)
Lace Crop Top- iWearSin
Sunflower Shorts c/o DaintyBullets
Leather Tinsel Bag- Thrifted
Beaded Sandals- Love Zone
Shocked Selfie time!! The best selfies are always taken in the car. Oh and here's how my headband look like before all my flowers came out :x

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