Ad: Bucktile St. Cafe

Traveled from the east all the way to the west for a little cafe date with my bf the other day.
Yes, it was all worth it!
Thank you Bucktile Cafe for the invite!

Do check out at the end of the post for some great deals!

Already loving the decor of this cafe before even going in.

Bucktile cafe also offers FREE WIFI!
So this means you can walk in for a study date or just chillax with your own laptop doing your assignments and work, or even watch some movies while eating!
Yes, I get so excited whenever cafes have free WiFis because I always use my phone whenever i'm eating
(yes yes i know.. bad habit!)

For all those girls who loves taking ootds, you can do so outside their cafe while waiting for your food! Haha
Got prop somemore <3

Pretty pretty items on their shelves. 
And I need that deer head sculpture in my room!

 I got really excited when I saw this poster on their wall once I walked in.
Like an icecream shop, they have so many icecream flavors its crazy!
Check out all their flavors. Tell me how you can choose your favorite because I know I cant!
I mean..
Milk & Cookies.. Strawberry Shortcake.. English Earl.. Iced Mocha


Another of my favorites that caught my eye are their Tiramisus in mini flower pots with a spade as a spoon.
How cute can they get!?

They have the Original, Oreo and Horlick Flavor!

Time to order the drinks!
While we were waiting for our drinks, we were told to pick one of the 3 tiramisu flavors.
Ofcourse, I chose the Oreo flavored one because it looked the prettiest haha.

Look at this cutie!!
I'm such a sucker for pretty things that you can eat.

They even have a mini plant placed there in the Oreo 'soil'
I wish I did snap some photos of the insides while I was eating it because you can totally see the different layers in it.
You can feel it melt in your mouth!

But I was too busy devouring this little thing.
Trust me, it's definitely a must try item in their cafe!!

Haha I love their quirky menu so much!
Reminds me of my primary school notebook.

If you read closely, they have a 'Mysterious (om nom nom nom) Velvet' Cake
Yes, we all love Red Velvet cakes, but for them, it's a little special from our usuals.

Not sure why I love this shot so much.
Maybe it's because of all the colors on this rainbow cake!

It's me and my bf's first time trying a rainbow cake even though we see it everywhere.
It would be a plus point if they made it a little more moist. But it's tasty nevertheless! 
Thank you for letting us try it!!

Haha this cake would definately spice up anybody's instagram cafelay!

My bf and I LOVES red velvet cakes.
It's like the most romantic cake of all cakes don't you think?

But we managed to try their special velvet cake- the Blue Velvet Cake!
It looks so so pretty!!!

The cake is perfectly moist and tastes just as delicious as the original red velvet cake.
The perfectly creamed layers made it even better!

Had a hot Caramel Latte for myself!

And bf got an Iced Chocolate which I drank half of it instead because it was such a hot day hahah.

Love how all their delicious snacks are so instagramable as well!
* looking at all of the food/fashion instagramers out there * :P

Thank god they have savory snacks as well!!
We were so so hungry. 
They let us try their 'Ooh LaLa Fries with Truffle Oil' too which my bf devoured within a few mins LOL

It's fried to perfection and there's also a distinct taste of the truffle oil that we always love.
It's so good!

After out meal, we headed to the 'Bucket List' at the back of the cafe that was filled with everybody's hopes and dreams.
It was so fun reading all of them!

All markers and cards are in the Bucket. Decided to write mine myself!
Try to spot mine when you are there :P

Thank you Bucktile Cafe for the pretty and scrumptious meal for our evening!
Our favorites got to be the Tiramisu cake and the Truffle Fries.
Feel free to try all their other items in the menu!
Can't wait to visit that place again when i'm at the other side of SG just for the Ice Cream Cookies that I missed.

You can find them at
104 Faber Drive

If you are taking public transport, the nearest mrt would be Clementi!
Take 105 at the mrt and alight after 2 stops.
After that, check the map below and follow it accordingly and you will reach Bucktile St. Cafe!

Who doesn't love good deals!?
They offer different deals for different days of the week!
What's more, you don't have to pay for service charge because they love all their customers <3

Hope you guys will enjoy the place like we did.
Don't forget to follow them for any updates or just to look at their pretty food photos!



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