Videos I watch on my free time

Since I was sec 1, the only channels I follow and watch are the most popular ones like NigaHiga, MichellePhan, BubzBeauty, JennaMarbles
Love it cuz they are either really really funny and/or informative!
Almost everybody I know subscribes to them and watch their videos.
I never really discover other youtubers but this time, I've decided to get away from my comfort zone and watch all kinds of videos other than those subscribe to!

Fallen sick for a few days now so this means free time for us!
It's raining so heavily now and I just wanna cuddle up with my bf and watch videos together while sharing a tub of Ben & Jerry.

Been watching so many videos lately so I've decided to share which channels I have just discovered and what I usually watch on youtube at this moment!
If your weekend is dull and boring, then get some chips, sit back and watch them with me cuz they will definitely make your day!!

I've recently subscribed to LeendaDProductions and I was like
'OMG why haven't I found her earlier!?'
This was the first video I watched on her channel and I subscribed immediately

"If Your Period Was A Person"
(Only girls can relate)

Somewhat funny but scary at the same time.
But It's so true!!

I think we girls can relate to this video too

"My Boyfriend's Hot Best Girl Friend"
Well, if your boyfriend HAS a hot best girl friend hahah

And if you are working in a retail line, maybe this is familiar to you!
"What Retail Workers Really Want To Say"

Not sure if any of you already knew NatalieTran (Communitychannel), but I was already watching her videos wayyyy back when I was a little younger.
She stopped for quite awhile but i'm so happy that she's back again!
I love this recent one that she posted because it's very relatable.
I mean, who wouldn't wanna trade in pimples or good hair day for another day right?

"Good Hair Day"

Her videos are subtly and effortlessly funny!

I don't know why, but this one made me burst into laughter hahah
Maybe I'm just person who laughs easily at anyting, but you can be the judge for that in this video

"Annoying Things People Do in Group Photos"

Hahah omg the 'touched by an angel' and 'funny face' part

And sometimes, I was told that I look like Lindsay Lohan.
I mean, don't you think we are like twins?
Haha just kidding, another video that I love is:

"When People Say They Look Like Celebrities"

Been watching DavidSoComedy the past 2days ever since I found him on youtube from a collaborated short film that he did with another youtuber.
I think it's really rare for me to love watching videos that is just someone sitting there talking infront of the camera, without any fanciful editing and stuffs.
Same goes for JennaMarbles!
Yep, it's been 10 videos today and i'm still not falling asleep yet haha

Ps: Some people just needs to watch this!
"Find Yoself! You lost as fuck"

"If you find yourself changing who you are depending who you are around, You probably haven't found yourself yet!"
"If you are still doing things just to please others, then you really haven't found yourself! Don't be that guy who agrees with what everybody else says just because you want them to like you."
"They don't like you! They just like the fact that you make them feel better because you agree with them on everything!"

Love watching his videos cuz they actually do make sense despite making my laugh several times!
Educational, yet funny.

Oh and this one is less on the serious side, it's ladies and their eyebrows!
It's funny cuz I once had bad eyebrows before, like I used crayons to draw on them.
Omg those days..
"Control Your Eyebrows"

I've heard for Wong Fu Productions for so many years, but I never knew they make really good short films!
Same goes to Chrysan, so when I met her, I showed her this particular short film to her and she loved it!!
I'm not gonna write any spoilers but there's so many plot twists.
If you love watching short films, then you guys should watch this!
"When It Counts"

And this too!
"Away We Happened"
I actually love the first one more but Chrysan loved this one instead cuz there are were so many emotions.
The only thing we don't get is why would you talk on the phone with someone you completely don't know for more than a minute? .__.

If you have any videos or channels to recommend me, feel free to!
I would love to discover more funny and interesting videos, because simple things like this make my day!

So sorry for the delay of this year's prom posts that some of you have been requesting.
I'll try to put it together asap if I have the time!
In the mean time if you haven't read my last year's one, feel free read it here:
Last Minute Prom Outfits

I hope you like my random post of the videos I watch on my free time!!
Wrote this post because it's been a few days since I last went out to snap some photos.
It's the crazy weather, so keep warm and stay healthy people!


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