Last Min Prom Outfits Tips

Hey guys! Currently blogging from my hotel room as i'm having a little vacation now. It's 2am and i'm staying up to write this cuz I just realized i'm a little late for this Prom Outfits post. So I apologize in advance if some of my sentences do not make sense cuz im kinda half asleep typing this :P Yes, some people already attended their prom a few days ago. T_T But no worries for those girls who will be attending it soon and have not decided on what to wear yet because i'm gonna try to help give some ideas for your last minute prom outfit!

Just in case you are from another country, our school year ends in November in Singapore. Someone left a comment saying 'Prom is suppose to be held at the end of school year'.Well every country has a different system so don't always assume it should be the same as yours. Same goes to Time-Zone. A fashionista friend from Australia posted a picture saying 'Friday tomorrow Yay!!' And someone from America (a different time zone from us) was like 'Tomorrow is not Friday, it's Thursday and then Friday'. Like wts we know, it's not like we are retards. >:( 

Tsk.. stuffs that people say that makes me a little mad. Anyway, end of my mini rant :x Back to the prom post! 

Since this post is all about putting together a prom outfit, i will be writing about how to transform a some-what casual top into a pretty dress, and also transforming a plain dress to a glamorous one. 
So if you already have a glamorous dress, then shoo!! You don't need to read this :P
(Or you can just scroll all the way down to see my tips for choosing the right shoes)

Do note that all prom outfit tips are made and thought through by me. It might be wrong in your perspective but i'm just stating what helps me and hoping to pass this on to those girls who are or will be having their prom soon :)

If you are a girl who loves pastel colors (like me), then go raid your closet and find a pastel colored bralet top! Full length or cropped doesn't matter cuz you can always tuck the full length top in. (like I did for my second prom outfit idea) And ALL girls need at least 1 poofy skirt in their closet because they do wonders if you are attending a last minute event.

If you are wearing a pretty dress, always, ALWAYS carry a small purse or clutch. You are suppose to look dainty! :P so just carry the smallest purse you have (that matches your outfit). If you are wearing black or white, then any color clutch or purse is fine! You can go for the 'pop of color' look :) I crinch when I see girls carry huge clutches or handbags when they wear a really pretty dress. 


Last but not least, the heels! Will be writing about the do's and don'ts for the type of heels to wear for prom at the end of this post.

So if you do not have much dresses, but a bralet/bustier collector like me, then this part is for you! Since your tops should be 10x more fabulous looking than your dresses, then why not wear them for prom? You can glam-tify your bralets to make them into a pretty dress instantly. Here are some examples of full length tops:

A peplum bustier top with gold details, and a sequin top can easily be transformed into something really glamorous by just tucking them into a poofy skirt.

Try not to show the elastic band of your skirt (if there's any) as it will downgrade your whole look. It is suppose to look like a whole dress instead of a separate top and skirt. So I added a white gold metal bow belt to cover it!

Strappy stilettos to complete the whole look!

Thank you so much Dice Photography for the outfit pictures! 
Feel free to contact them for any lookbook/ cover page outdoor shoots!

Next tip is to style crop tops.
Who doesn't love crop tops right!? They look too casual for prom but do not underestimate them. Check out how a floral bustier can be transformed into a fairy dress:

What I wore for my 'Dipped in Glitter' OOTD a few months ago.

Next thing is.... Little Black Dress! If you are not a crop top lover, you sure need to have at least 1 LBD inside your wardrobe. Here is my idea on how to transform a simple LBD into something you can wear for prom- Ribbon Transforming Technique! (made that name up :P)

It's super simple. Since you are wearing a black dress, any color or textured ribbon is fine! Just choose a ribbon that you have in mind from any craft store.
1) If you don't want the ribbon to be too outstanding then try a different textured ribbon from your LBD! This way, the ribbon can still stand out but in a mild manner. 
2) Tying a ribbon around the waist will cinch it and make you look slimmer. This technique is also great for dresses with very little shape.
3) How about a bow top dress!? How cute is this. Just get a ribbon, tie it into a bow and pin it at the middle top of the dress. This is perfect for tiny chested girls who needs a little shape at the chest area (like me T_T)
4) Colored bows! Just have fun with your LBD. Since it's black, any colored bow will do. It's better if you choose a color that matches a small clutch/purse that you have so you do not need to fret about trying to pair them later on.

So here are the 4 ways you do the 'Ribbon Transforming Technique' to your LBD! Makes any simple dress not so simple anymore! You can also try this technique with other colored dresses. Just make sure the color of the ribbon and dress doesn't clash.
*Note* Even though Christmas is around the corner, you do not want to be looking like a Christmas tree. Since the big bow is already your accessory, try to keep your necklace small! :P

Last but not least, choosing the right heels!
Big no-no's for prom:

Unless you are a rocker chic sporting a black dress with black lips and thick eyeliner, then you should't be wearing Litas or boots to prom. 

Since prom dresses are very glamorous, you need to wear heels that are glamorous too. Open-toe pumps or  strappy, Stiletto- heels are perfect with prom dresses!  They give your feet that dainty look you need.

Also, keep those Mary Jane shoes (or her twin) for other days. They shouldn't be out on your prom day unless you are going for the vintage look (which you will probably not).

So that's it for my Last Min Prom Outfit tips! Hope I am able to help some of you girls who are having their prom this month, or gave some ideas to those girls that will be having their prom next year.

Good luck creating your perfect prom dress! 
And remember to bring your confidence with you <3

ER MAH GERD! Loving this pastel colored comfy crewneck that will be up next week on together with other tumblr dyed crop tops. It's so perfect for the icy cold aircon hotel room that i'm staying at for this little vaca. It's 5am (yes, took 3 hours writing this post) so imma doze off right now hoping all my tips make sense in the morning.

Mint Bow Bustier + Pink Floral Bralet: HixVoltage
Cream Ruffle Skirt: Lindsayvoitton's Closet
Red Polka Bow Bustier: Lindsayvoitton's Closet
Floral Blue Bustier:
Nude Floral Bustier: Topshop
Photographed By: Dice Photography


Unknown said…
wow♥ all the dresses are so cute!:) you look adorable!♥ and thank you so much for your nice comment, I already follow you on bloglovin;) kisses!

Unknown said…
So cute and pretty!
Laura. xx
Marimar said…
beautiful photos I love how you combined all the tops!
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Seriously WHERE is the white skirt in the first couple of pictures from?!?!?
Unknown said…
wow! you look Amazing! <3

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