(Adv) TheStyleCoordinator: Back To Black

Yup it's been awhile since I dressed up full black from head to toe!  
Who says Black is always edgy? Just made it girly by wearing my Floral Satin Romper with pretty crochet trimmings at the bottom!
Cynched my waist with a gold buckle belt and matched it with my round gold half-rim sunnies from Statement Muse. 

If you haven't noticed already, I am a huge sucker for kimonos and anything with fringes.
And I'm so happy that Thestylecoordinator has this really pretty Black Chiffon Fringe Kimono on their site! 
I fell in love with it immediately and I knew I had to choose this one.  
It's so flowy that it makes anyone feel like an angel by just walking against the wind haha!  

Oh and do you know what is the most important factor for a kimono outerwear in my opinion?  
Its the bell sleeves or bat wing sleeves! Either one would give that 'true kimono feel' that it's suppose to give. 
Not sure if it's just me, but I hate seeing chiffon cardigans with tight sleeves disguising themselves and calling themselves kimono outerwears hahaha
But I love this particular kimono outerwear the most in my closet cuz of the satin trimmings on the sleeves!  

And it's like I have not have enough fringes on me yet. 
Carried my black fringe tribal bag which I do almost everyday. 

Love how this kimono is not too opaque or not too sheer. It's perfect!
Finally brought out my black platforms from Charlotte Russe that I rarely wear to match the whole black look. 

Thank you Thestylecoordinator.com for sending me this beautiful fringe Kimono!  

They have just launched their new collection so do check them out before it's all sold out! 
Their next collection will be back to Preorder so it's your chance to get those clothing to be sent out to you immediately.


Also,  If you see anything that you like on their site, be sure to Key in 'Lindsay10Off' for 10% off your purchase! 
On top of that, you will get free normal postage for your purchase and free next day courier for purchases $80 and above! 
This code will be valid till the end of November. 

Happy shopping girls!!  


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