Halloween x Digital Fashion Week Day 1

'Gain respect and class, not annoyance to everyone'

So happy to be able to attend the Digital Fashion Week on Friday!
Friday was the first day of DFW and it also happened to be Halloween. I was only able to attend the last show of the day after work, but I'm glad I did make it!
Met so many of my fashion inspirations there and I won't ever forget this day.

Here's my Halloween Inspired outfit!
I actually 'made' this the night before and I actually recorded the process of it.
But I didn't have time to edit it so here I am, just writing it in words.

It was actually a Sparrow LOL  but since others were guessing  Black Swan,
I decided that oh well, lets just name it Black Swan because it looks more like it.

I chose this dress because the black lace over the skin color lining makes the whole outfit look 'pasted on'.
It's like lace grew on me hahah.
Black fauxfur coat represents the feathers on the Swan (or sparrow)
And the mesh skirt that i've cut + attached on, represents the elegance and flow of a swan.

Got the mask with my boyfriend at H&M last Thursday!
I have been eyeing on this mask for a really long time and this actually inspired this whole outfit.
So that's why I got this only after I have already chosen my full outfit in case I changed my mine!

It's $19.90 from H&M so those who will be having their prom soon, you girls can get masquarade masks from H&M, I think they have about 3 pretty designs!

Got the clutch from Carousell and this was by far the most expensive item i've ever bought from there.
It's $36, lined with velvet in the insides.

And Gold heels to finish off the whole look!
It's really comfortable for the first few mins but this made my back ankles bleed after walking in it for 2 hours T_T

Friday was the first day of Digital Fashion Week!
I could only make it for the last show that day, which is quite sad cuz I wanted to watch the Max Tan Spring/Summer show.
Saw some pics and there were so much pop of colors in his collection!

It's alright though because I bumped into Willabelle when she was walking out of the previous show!
Met her the first time at last year's Fide Fashion Week and i'm so so happy that she remembered me.
She's such a classy and gorgeous lady, definitely a role model and fashion inspiration!

The atmosphere was very happening once we stepped into the place.
Everybody was chit chatting, mingling, making new friends and sipping some drinks!
While I was going around snapping photos here and there lolol

Ordered Nordic Collins because it sounds really yummy with the grapefruit taste and all.
Super surprised when they just plucked the flowers from the flower pot and place it on my drink.
Now it looks pretty!

 Collagen drinks that was one of the sponsors for DFW.

They have so many types and flavors to choose from!

The show was great, but not as breathtaking as the one I saw last year.
But it's super cute cuz there were little girls and boy models holding hands towards the end of the show!

No pics cuz I snap videos instead :(

Snapped another photo with Willabelle after the show because the previous one was blur.
Her clutch is literally a weapon hahaha

The most stunning Amanda Leong, love her dress so so much!
And she's super duper tall too 

And Jennim!!
Finally met her after watching all her videos every week for so many years T_T
And like every other girls who met her, my life is now complete!!

Had a short convo with her and I managed to let her know that she is one of the reasons why I went into fashion blogging..
She then told me to follow my dreams and not let any one else stop me

And now i'm passing this words of wisdom from her to you guys!!
Do what you love to do, and if any one else discourages you, the more you should show them that you can.

And here's my female-date of the night- Fenny!
Been following one another on instagram for quite awhile now and and i'm so glad that we finally met on that day.
Such a fun and cheerful lady to be around with.

The show was alright, but it was so much fun with great company.
Got to know a few others there, and also had my dream came true that day.
Might be attending tomorrow's show too so if anyone is going, see you there!!


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