Candyfloss x Denim

Don't really know how to start this post cuz my mind is quite blank now hahah.
But anyway, I wanted to bring back this fauxfur* jacket in my outfit post cuz i'm currently obsessed with anything furry or knit.
 So I was like thinking, why not pair it with a beach outfit?

Beach and fur doesn't go well together BUT! it does in my world.
LOL Just kidding! I wouldn't have worn it if it's not lined with silk in the inner layer.
So it's surprisingly, it's cooler than how u think it is!

So great tip if you are in Sunny Singapore and wanna try out fur clothing, try to find those with a silk inner lining.
Cuz silk is a Temperature Regulating material that keeps you cool when you're warm and warm when you're cold!

Also, I noticed that faux fur is much lighter than real fur. (Or is it cuz my fauxfur is cheap?)
So this coat is so light that you throw it in the air with your pinky finger haha.
(Yes, I actually tried it)
I'm VERY against wearing real fur, so if you want something furry to bring out your outfit, get a fake one instead, it looks the same and feels like it too!

Wearing a lace bodysuit from ShopVexed,
under a ripped denim high waisted shorts from Butteredgun!

Red hair is by J7Image!
Will write on how they dyed my hair and how u can win some awesome vouchers, so exciting!

All time favorite Blush-colored booties from Charlotte Russe.
Love anything with a glass heel!
Not sure if they now ship to Singapore though! Obsessing over all their other shoes

Anyway, I was free on Thursday, and so was my family.
So we headed for lunch nearby at Changi City Point to try out Eggs & Berries!
It's been a long time since we went out for a meal together and I'm glad it's that day.

My mother ordered Fish and Chips.

Not sure why, but my brother's orders are always, ALWAYS the best looking ones!
He ordered this really savory chicken chop burger with potato wedges at the side

And I don't know why my orders are always the most meh-looking one.
Can't even take a good pic of it LOL
Ordered beef steak and it's so hard to chew :(
The pancakes at the side are good though! Should have ordered desserts instead because all their waffles and pancakes look REALLY delicious!

Gonna end off this simple post now cuz I have to rush out a few other posts.
So many things to complete but I'm so glad I can cope better now since right now I have much more time on my side compared to previously where I was juggling so many things at once.

Tomorrow is gonna be a fun day out with my bf! Got the whole day with him.
Can't wait!

Till then <3


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