CAMO & KNITS x Strangers Reunion

 'Carry on pushing that carefree girl you once knew, and one day she might just snap and not care at all'

Yes, I am dying in this knitted sweater, haha.
Went out shopping without the knitwear ofcus, but I replaced it with a light brown cardigan.
Wanted to try out a Summer to Fall transition outfit and here is my very first one this year!

Love thrift shopping!
Got this whole outfit for less than $30!

Cream Knitwear: H&M at $15
Gold Embroided Top: Thrifted from Carousell at $8
Camo Printed Shorts: Thrifted from Carousell at $5

Headed to Strangers Reunion the other day with Gina and omg we had such a hard time finding that place!
Took the train to Outram and we didn't know which bustop to board the bus.
Took about 15 mins finding the bustop and we realize it's just the one infront of the MRT lol!

Place packed with people even on the weekday.
Love all the artwork on the walls! Gives the whole place a 'homely feel'

They are known for their aromatic coffee!
It's such a pity that i'm not really a coffee drinker :(

'Hilde the Raisin Queen!'
Love how they drew on the mustache and beard on her.

Tints of rainbow colors here and there for the pop of color!

'Let's Make Love, Coffee, and Magic.'

Hungry us waiting for our food.
Regretted not ordering the Truffle Fries tho, everybody is ordering it so I guess it is really good!

Gina's Ice Chocolate.

And I ordered Hot Chocolate! Yay I was hoping that there's a coffee art on it.
But like I said, they are known for their coffee so their ice/hot chocolate is bitter as hell :(
So we spammed brown sugar in our drinks and it still tastes weird.

Gave a feedback at the counter at the end of our meal tho!!
And the barista said that they have received quite a lot of feedbacks regarding this too and they said that they will definitely try to improve on their chocolate drinks.

Food arrives! First thing to do? Snapchat it lolol

Gina's look super photo worthy! Tastes better than mine too haha

And mine with 3 kinds of sausages!
Not much of a fan of the small ones (that's what she said lol)

And I love their sunny side up! Check out the orange goodness oozing out when I cut it.

We were thinking if we should get desserts cuz we were feeling so full already.
But whats cafe hopping without desserts right!? LOL
We were actually eyeing on this Apple Crumble the whole time while eating and we decided to order it!

Check out those crumbs!!

Omg it looks even better on the plate, with vanilla icecream!
I guess this is the best highlight of the day- Apple Crumble Dessert with Vanilla Icecream on the side.
Love LOVE it so much! You guys should definitely order this. I think I might just skip main courses and order like 3 of this the next time i'm there hahah.

Devoured it within 3 mins and it's gone!

Since Gina was busy during my birthday, she gave me this little starbucks paperbag which I was thinking what is in it the whole time!

Turns out, it's a birhday present for me! <3

A longass handwritten card which was so funny and touching.
Hahaha love reading her cards she gives me every year cuz it's always so humorous (and quite lame) like her personality, which I love haha!

Yup I'm reading it aloud!

Thank you Gina for standing in bodyshop for half an hour just to choose what fragrance that I like!
And yep you're right! I love anything with a berry fragrant!

To more cafe hopping and birthdays together!!


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