Mesh'n Plaid

Another hectic week so I actually borrowed my mum's tablet so I could write this entry right now while I'm having my lunch out!
I actually love heading to town on weekday afternoons cuz everybody here is super chill and happy.
No stress and rushing aunties pushing me here and there like in the weekends.
When I say aunties, I meant teens and guys too who are acting like one.
Don't be one of them.

Managed to find some locations for photos while I was out and about last few days.
Thanks to my boyfriend for snapping these once again!!
He's such a funny and fun person to be/work with! <3

Found this gold snake skin lace top at the back of my closet while clearing my wardrobe the other day.
Never thought I would ever wear it cuz I actually hated this top haha!

Fell in love with this mesh plaid skirt when I was searching for an ordinary plaid one!

Leather jacket is thrifted and leather quilted gloves were bought on the same day at Uniqlo for $14.95! Super comfortable!
Perfect for future uses when I travel overseas the next time.

Gosh I realize that I can't really write down the stores where I get my outfits from cuz they are usually thrifted :(
I'm starting to shop online (on actual websites) right now, but in the mean time, I hope you guys can refer to my outfit posts for inspirations!

Remember, its not about how much it costs, it's about how you style them

Headed to Table Manners last Saturday evening!
Lovely atmosphere to be in especially in the evening.
We wanted to sit at the outdoor sitting area cuz it's quite romantic with the night lights and surrounded with greenary.
But it wasn't so packed that day so that area wasn't opened :(

Outdoor bar area for drinks!
But ofcuz, we sat inside instead.

Since the name of this restaurant is 'Table Manners', they have such creative table mats!
The table mat on the other table shows the correct way to place your cutleries.

And our table mats shows examples of conversations to relieve an awkward table!
I find this super useful for a first date cuz you guys can laugh at how cute is this table mat and then try asking each other some questions listed there.

So creative!!

'Tucking a napkin under your collar never looked smarter'
This whole place is like ' Like a Sir' themed cuz the waitresses are all wearing bowtie printed tshirts.
They even put effort in their napkins!

Haha super cute!
(I meant the napkin)

Bf didn't had a good sleep the other day so he ordered ice coffee.
Urm its very bitter (and sour?) but it sure woke him up!
I ordered orange juice.

Haha I actually wrote down the names of each dish so I can remember them.
This is the Chicken Parmigiana
It's breaded chicken leg topped with tomato sauce, gratinated mozzerella with mash potato, and house salad.
No, i am not an awesome food describer.
I'm just copying their description on the menu LOL

Bf ordered the King's Burger which is the chef's recommendation.
In in, there's beef Patty, bacon, onion relish, cheddar cheese slice, sliced tomato, lettuce, gherkins (no idea what is this) topped with sunny egg.
truffle Fries at the side with house salad!

Prefer mine tho!! I love dipping anything in mash potato even tho it's not meant to be eaten that way haha.

Love simple days like this with him!
Love this place, wanna come back soon to try other dishes again!
Didn't really snap closeup photos of what they are also selling (like different kinds of artsy napkins and stationary, i think)
Just have to check that place out yourself!

I'm completing an essay post about something that concerns me and many other people (most girls) today.
Can't wait to post it up! Hopefully it will help you guys a little too.


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