Sponsored Post: Space Invasion x Sentosa Picnic

WOW i've been inactive from instagram for about 9 days now and my blog since the 20th of August.
Now that i'm back from Bintan and have some free time, I was thinking of drafting a few blog posts all at once this week (about 8 longass ones) and post them up slowly every 2 weeks before I get busy again!

Had a really good time with my MLW girls at sentosa for a picnic a few weeks back and we spammed quite a lot of photos.
Finally we can change our group chat photo cuz the last one was taken while filming for MyLunchWagon EP4 in April(?)

But firstly, I would like to share with you girls what I picked out again at Space Invasion Cathay!!

Silky Smooth Hair cuz I just done a Nano Mist Hair Treatment at J7 Image the day before.
Hahah those rare days with straight hair.
Honestly, I think I look younger with straight hair but it's quite frustrating that my hair texture is different from most people.
I'm born with wavy hair so it's naturally quite frizzy (okay, actually it's SUPER frizzy now) :(
So getting straight hair on a daily basis is a HUGE chore for me and that's why I just let me hair the way it is and throw in some wavy hair extensions to match my natural hair.

But I'm really happy that J7 Image made it possible for me to have straight hair for a day or 2 helped to get my hair managable and less frizzy for a few weeks.
Thumbs up!!!

Romper is from Ninth Store, c/o Space Invasion!
Everytime I head to Space Invasion, I always, ALWAYS go straight to Ninth Store's rack first as I feel that they hold apparels that are closer to my style.
I was sooo happy when I saw this cuz of the prints and it fits me perfectly. What's more, I am a huge fan of rompers!

Love how Space Invasion holds so many blogshop labels which caters to different kinds of styles.

Btw, check out the back!! Super duper cute!!

Necklace from Statement Muse which i was wearing almost everyday for 2 weeks cuz it matches almost everything.
I have 3 necklaces from them already and I think I am gonna go get more!!

Vintage Shoulder Bag from Apparel Archive

Cat Eye Sunnies from Statement Muse too <3
You girls should really check out their frames and sunnies from them. I know quite a few people who already have/ planning to get the frames and change them to actual lens with degrees at the optical shop cuz it's too fashionable.

Btw for those who knows me well, I usually wear my clothes either once or twice and I sell them off just so my wardrobe wont explode when I get new clothing.
So GOOD NEWS for those girls who loves bargain buys!!!
Space Invasion will be holding their next MEGA SALE on the 13th & 14th Sept!

I'll also be giving away
So you girls can enter the store without having the queue and snag all the cheap and fashionable items first.
Sneak peeks of what I will be having on my rack up here tomorrow!

Anyway, I stayed up the night before to bake some strawberry shortcakes for the picnic!!
Really really easy and the tutorial will be up next week or so!
(If I manage to find out how to do a voiceover wts)

Bought Strawberry Tea at Vivo to go with the cake!

And Pizzas to fill our stomach even more!

Here comes our photo spams of us enjoying our pizza!
(Acutually only Alicia was really gobbling up and enjoying the pizza while Chrysan and I was kinda posing for the camera LOL)

Chrysan's turn to wear Ninthstore's romper cuz she didn't bring anything comfy and this is my comfiest outfit I brought that day!

Alicia was like
 'I'm just gonna eat now u all just carry on snapping the photos, I super hungry already!!'

Chrysan: 'OMG THIS IS SO GOOD!!'

Alicia's Signature pose hahah Love her!

One of the very few pure candid photos of us taken that day!

Playing guess the word on Chrysan's back 

Oh!! And this is how we actually look like when we take ootds for each other HAHAH
Just that for me, legs needs to be opened wider when snapping photos for chrysan cuz of her height.
Hopefully nobody catches us snapping photos for one another cuz I swear its so so unglam!

Me trying to master the laughing shot but failed.
Took about 24541 shots for this and this is already the best one :( Still looks fake tho!!

Stayed until the sun sets and it's time for dinner!

Headed to a Japanese Restaurant
(I forgot what's the name of it so I just went to Chrysan's blog to check if she wrote but she didn't too!!)
But it's the same level and same stretch as Mac at Vivo.
The food is SOOO good!!You guys should go check it out.
I got the curry & beef hot pot(?) and the flavor and texture is on point!
Definately going back again, this time with my bf!!

It's been a long time since I woke up at 7am to have breakfast with him and then get some work done.
Feels like 4pm but it's only 12!! 
Lot's of errands to run today but I'm glad my day is still early.

And thank you my dear Chrysan for taking time to send me our group photos!!
Will be back with many more updates!! 
Till then <3


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