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Wearing my black tassel shorts that I got in bulk the other time!
I was looking for the white one for a really long time but I felt that I should style this black one first for this jungle inspired outfit.

Cheetah Printed Bustier- MissTichy
Crochet Knit Outerwear- Carousell @kissmywardrobe for $8, originally from Forever21

Tribal Tassel Sling- Carousell @ibuyishootisell for $10

Booked an appointment with J7 Image Salon with some of the girls before our shoot for the Mousetrap Website last Friday! 
 I was sooo stressed out about my hair because it was a HUGE disaster. 
 After I took out my hair extensions on Wednesday (which was in such a huge mess btw), 
My hair was so dry and frizzy with about 3cm worth of roots that grew out cuz I can't touch them up with all the extensions on. 

 After I got my roots done up, I was really happy that I was able to visit J7 Salon again to straighten and style my hair before the shoot! 
 But after I sat on the salon chair, my hair stylist for the day- James, decided to give me a hair treatment too as my hair was so dry and frizzy.

Didn't expected that but I was SOO happy because it's been so long since I got my hair pampered. I didn't dare to enter any salons with all my messy and tangled up hair extentions on as it's very VERY hard to manage.
But i'm really glad that J7image wants the best of mine, and each and every customer's hair.

I don't think I'm gonna place hair extentions again, I shall just stick to clip ons as it's much easier and I can change it every 2 weeks HAHAH

Happy me, posing for the camera while getting my hair washed.

After the first wash, they sprayed in some lemony smell thing to leave on my hair, which I asked what it was cuz it smells so good!

It's actually a PH balance treatment to balance out the alkalinity of your hair that is caused by all the shampooing and dyeing of your hair which strips away the naturally acidic sebum that fights against bacteria.
So that is why it's very important to strive to balance out your PH of your hair and scalp to prevent hair loss, dandruff, bacteria or even fungus! o.o

Also, I always love how they always leave a hot towel bellow our neck after the hair wash for some relaxation time while we wait for the treatment to get soaked in the hair!

Here's my hair stylist for that day!!

James told me that the hair extensions were actually pulling down my real hair so this means there was definitely a certain percentage of hair loss.
So he's doing a head spa for me to minimize hair loss and also it has additional vitamins to get soaked into the hair!

Sectioning the hair to make sure each and every area on your scalp gets the treatment.

Not to mention, the treatment has mint in it!!
Feeling so refreshed (and awake) after it.

Got head massaged while waiting for the treatment to gadually absorb into the hair again!!
Another relaxation time for me once again.

Usually after treatments, you hair will still get really dry so they have this awesome thing called the Nano Mist where it replenishes the water in each strand of your hair, with steam!
It also helps to open up the cuticles so it can absorb the treatment from the head spa even more!

Haha somehow this is my fav part of my hair treatments cuz I get to take photos with the steam
 (I'm actually quite a childish person)

ANOTHER treatment within the whole treatment!!  Hahah treatmentception. lol.
And it's 2 in 1 somemore because there's a moisturizing mask and Karatite Oil mixed together!

What I notice about this oil is it's not just any type of oil.
 Not only there's Karatite Oil, there's also ARGAN OIL too which I recently got recommended to get from a friend cuz she swears by it.
 She's the type girl who loves to dye all kinds of awesome colors which means she needs to bleach a couple of times and and also touching up her hair regularly.
 But why is her hair still super long, silky and smooth?? ARGAN OIL!! :P

Soaking each and every strand with the moisturizing mask and oil treatment!

Recently, J7 Image just introduced an additional step to this treatment- the O3 Machine!
This is because they experimented and found out that this additional step actually makes a further difference to your hair because not only it helps lock in the mask and oil treatment into the hair, it's more moisturizing too!

Got look like megamind?? Or prettier?? hahaha
There's actually an inside joke to this that a few people there with me know.
It's 100x funnier than this i swear!!

They gave me hot tea while waiting for my next step of the treatment!
Btw rmb to ask for those thin biscuits if they still have it. It's super good I can eat like 10 packets there!

Browsing through the megazines.
Love how they always stock up their megazines with new ones so everything is up to date.
Like this one, printed pants!!
I'm eyeing on the one i'm pointing to, and the one bellow it!

Okay! The waiting is finally over!

But it's not done yet. Rinsed my hair and then sprayed on this restructuring spray to repair and restructure my damaged hair.It's a light treatment to ensure that all vitamins are further locked into the hair and to give that healthy shine!

Blow Drying my hair!
What I love about the people at J7 Image is that they are so passionate in everything they do that they make sure everything is done perfectly, but they always do it with such a big smile on their face.
That is why I always feel like home whenever i'm there!

ANOTHER awesome technology that they have there- the Steam Pod!
It's so good that Chrysan ordered it to have it for herself at home hahha.
Since the treatment I did have karatine, Karatine actually melts with heat to further absorb in the hair so that's the reason for the Steam Pod!

Before and After!
I was told that my hair texture is VERY different from 99% of the people who come to the salon because i'm born with frizzy and wavy hair.
So you can say, it's actually comparable to spoilt hair, just that it's not spoilt.
Gosh I wonder how my spoilt hair will look like!! :(

So imagine how your After product will look like if you don't have super frizzy and curly and maggie mee hair like mine.
It's gonna be a few times smoother than mine!

And Chrysan came to do her hair too!!
So sweet, feeding me my snacks that she actually ate after snapping this pic -.-

Alicia's hair after darkening her hair color from a blonde-green to a ash brown-blue!
So classy!

Chrysan going for curled hair! Always loving curled hair on her <3

Here's my hair after putting in some clip on extentions which I bought before I came into the salon.
Straight hair that day for a change!!

So in conclusion, this Nano Mist Organic Hair Care treatment is not just any simple treatment.
As you have read earlier (or maybe u just scroll through the pics haha),
There are quite a handful of steps to this treatment for maximum silkiness

1) PH Balance to balance the alkalinity of your hair
2) Minty Head Spa to minimize hair loss with added vitamins
3) Nano Mist to replenish water and open up the cuticles in your hair
4) Organic Moisturizing Mask + Karatite Oil
5) O3 Machine to lock in the treatment and moisturize the hair even more
6) Restructuring spray to repair and restructure your damaged hair
7) Steam Pod to melt the Karatine treatment and soften your hair

So after all these steps, your hair is bound to get so so so much smoother and silkier!

Really happy with my hair for the Mousetrap Photoshoot.
I thought it was gonna be a huge disaster cuz of my 3cm black roots and short frizzy hair.
All thanks to J7 Image for rescuing my hair!!
Can't wait to see more photos from the shoot <3

Also, I can't wait for my LEGIT red hair next week!
I'll be giving away a few J7 Image Vouchers really soon. So excited for you guys!!

Check out their website,
And follow their instagram, @J7image and their Facebook Page
for the latest promotions and updates!

 14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza

Contact: +65 67355195

Monday to Friday: 11am-8.30pm
Saturday: 10.30am-8.30pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: 10.30am- 7.30pm
Closed every 7th of every month!


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