Ad: Loreal Skin + Hair Care Routine (Night)

Yes, it's my very first simple video!
Scroll down to watch it <3

I have been trying out L'oreal Products for a few days now and i'm so so happy with the results!
I can already feel that my face is less oily and more hydrated.
So that's why i've decided to share with you guys my updated skincare night routine, in case some are looking for answers to help your skin.

 First off, cleansing my face!
I prefer cream based cleanser because it's not so drying to the skin.
If my skin is too dry, pimples will start popping out cuz my skin will try to produce more oil
 (yes it's usually the opposite, but not for me!)

Next off, Anti Spot Derm White Essence!
I have loads and loads of pimple scars which is usually hidden under my concealer.
So this is exactly what I need! It fades, Shrinks and Reduces stubborn Spots including acne scars for Flawless, Radiant, Hydrated Skin!

Key Ingredients are
Actyl- C which acts on surface layer of the skin to fade and shrink stubborn spots!
Also, Adenosine acts on the deeper layer of the skin to reduce quantity of spots as well as prevent future spots!!

How amazing is this!! 

Love how their packaging and bottles always look so metallic and classy.
Plus it's so tiny, you can bring it with you when you're on a vacation!

Tiny in size, but a small amount goes a long long way.I only needed 3 pumps of this essence!

Patting it around my cheeks because it's one of the areas with the most pimple scars.

But don't neglect your forehead and chin too!

Omg latest awesome discovery is this L'Oreal Hydrafresh Night Mask-In Jelly!
It softens and intensely hydrates my skin.

It's not out in the market yet but I'm so glad to be one of the first few to try it out!
Currently my fav skincare product and I can't wait to share it with you girls soon!

When I saw this,
I was like OMMG I needed this, how do you guys know!?

Even with so much concealer, my dark eye circles and eyebags are still very visable.
No matter what kind of brand or color concealer I use,
It will still always appear grey and dull.

It look's like it's just a simple vibrating undereye wand.
But nope, it's not that simple! See the tube at the bottom?
It contains key ingredients such as 
Melanin-Vanish which brightens your undereye, 
Tourmaline Gemstone Extract to boost blood circulation and provide a rosy and healthy glow,
And Caffeine, which drains and decongests puffiness under your eye.

Turned on the vibration and slowly sliding it along my undereye area!
Super shiok, feels like a mini eye massage hahaha

 So yup, here's my updated Skin Care routine and I will be sticking to it for now cuz it really
helps my skin in so many ways!

Thank you L'Oreal for sending me a care package to try.
Loving the jelly mask the most and I can't wait to do a review on it once it's out in the market!

I have also chosen a few items for myself during the L'Oreal Vanity Fair a few weeks back.

I got my bf the L'Oreal Charcoal Black Foam Facial Cleanser previously when I was at the Vanity Fair 2 weeks ago and after he has tried it, I was told that it gives off a cooling icy effect which he really love!
Gets him awake every morning, hahah.
It also keeps his face oil free after a day out. Yep, even guys need that!

And right now, lucky him will be getting this Charcoal Black Scrub thanks to L'Oreal!
It's a charcoal-powdered scrub so for every use, the formula combines the magnetic power of charcoal with 2000 beads which dives into pores to unclog them one by one and remove dirt in depth!
Super cool!!

As a result, you will achieve deeply cleared and healthy-looking skin that is free from oil and impurities in depth and from dead cells on surface!
Imperfections and blackheads are also visibly reduced and sebum rebounding is prevented, and leave your skin feeling smooth and looking healthy!

 So awesome I can't wait to let him try this too!
So here's my whole L'Oreal collection (for now!)

1) L'Oreal White Perfect
2) L'Oreal White Perfect Laser
3) L'Oreal Men Expert Charcoal Black Scrub
4) L'Oreal Color-Vive Rinse Out Treatment
5) L'Oreal EverPure Sulphate Free Color Care Shampoo
6) L'Oreal UV Perfect Sunscreen
7) L'Oreal Liss Ultime Shampoo
8) L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Leave On Oil Serum
9) L'Oreal Absolut Repair Cellular Masque
10) L'Oreal Hydrafresh Night Mask-In Jelly

Since I did a Night Skin Care routine, I've decided why not film down my Hair Care Routine!
I mean, watching is faster and easier than reading right?

So here's the video!

I haven't used any shampoos from L'Oreal Paris before so I was very very amazed at how soft my hair turns out after shampooing, even before doing any treatments and masks!

But ofcuz, I would like to have healthy hair too.
Bleached/ colored hair requires intensive care because you will have so much split ends and even breakage!
So I was really happy to get hold of this Absolut Repair Cellular Masque so I can give extra love and care to my crazy frizzy hair.

I love how just a little bit of this mask gives a huge difference after a hair wash!
There's a reason why all the hair care products are recommended by professional hairstylists

And OMG this is one of the best thing that they have invented for hair care.
L'Oreal Leave On Oil Serum which repairs 5 most common signs of damaged hair.

Brought this serum to Bintan with me last week and I was so amazed at how silky my hair turned out after applying it. (I didn't wash my hair for 2 days and it was so frizzy and sucky)
But this serum revived my hair again!

Alicia and Chrysan tried it too and they were raving about it (especially Alicia) 
'OMG your hair serum is so good! OMG it's so good!!'
Hahah i know it is!

I realized that at the end of every post, I love to share

L'Oreal Paris is really sweet to give away this White Perfect Laser Derm White Samples to those who drop by at the Space Invasion Mega Sale held tomorrow and Sunday 13&14th Sept!!

As stated previously at my skincare routine above,
 This White Perfect Laser Derm White Essence reduces blemishes, evens out your skin tone, and even moisturize and brightens your skin!!

So happy for those who will be coming down to Space Invasion!
You girls will be spoilt with free skincare samples to try out at home!

Pamper your hair and skin with L'Oreal Paris today!
See you girls on Saturday & Sunday!!


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