(Ad) Toil And Trouble

Omg!! Toil n Trouble has just launched their very first collection! Everything is hand picked and chosen for their quality, uniqness and ofcourse, their look! These pieces cannot be found anywhere else so it's so awesome cuz you won't bump into anyone wearing the same outfit as you HAHA
(Happened to me twice already)

Really loving all the pieces they have so i'm gonna show you a few of them.

Wearing Strawberry Fields Long Sleeve top! This top is perfect for the vintage lovers. With sheer polka dotted sleeves, it adds even more cuteness for your whole outfit.

This super cute and yummy Navy Springkles Cross Back Peplum top is so perfect for the summer! Pair it with a highwaisted shorts and you are ready for some summertime fun <3

My favorite piece from the whole collection Pink Pastel 2 Piece Set! Me and Deborah have this each for ourselves in a different color cuz it's just too cute to resist! There is Pink and Purple available and have limited pieces left so grab them before it's gone!!

And omg!! Loving this Lolita Bow Skirt available in Black and Pink too! Actually I love any skirts that are poofy. Too bad it's already sold out cuz Im tempted by just seeing this picture of it :( 

This Sweet Tooth Pinafore also perfect for those petite girls. Im always looking out for Pinafores, rompers and dungarees!

Hahah love this shot that Dice Photography took of me. I suggested this pose cuz this outfit really suits the flooring LOL.
Anyway, I'm wearing their Puffy Baby Doll Crop Top. It's in a lovely shade of pastel pink!

This top is very cute and classy at the same time. The texture is very unique and it's a ribbon-tie back!!
And who doesn't love off shoulder tops!?

I'm still crazy over Pom Pom shorts and have been finding a perfect one for so long. Been wanting to get a pineapple printed one but omg, all the stores selling them are from America! And it's so expensive for such a thin material. Toil & Trouble is the first store i've seen in Singapore that sells pom pom shorts. 
I'm wearing their Python Print Pom Pom Shorts and they have a floral one available too!

Who doesn't love daisy prints right!? Wearing Sequins Daisies Crop Top! Yup, this top is made up with sequined daisies!! Talk about uniquness <3

Saving the best for the last cuz this is by far my favorite picture taken for this collection.
Wearing Toil & Trouble's White Knitted top! Really loving this top and i'm coincidentally wearing this exact same piece but in Burgundy color, while typing this.

Everything are selling out fast so do check out

Photographed by Dice Photography


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