Sponsored Review: Hada Labo Whitening Lotion

 Ever since i've hit puberty, i've been cursed with really REALLY bad skin.
I had to face all my schoolmates and strangers with so many pimples on my face to the extend that I didn't care about it anymore :(
Others think that my face is just really oily so I started getting oil blotting papers and I blot my face everytime it feels oily, without knowing the harms on it.
The blotting paper strips off the natural oil of my skin which causes it to produce more oil which leads to MORE PIMPLES ommg.

But everything changed when I started going to a facial center and they told me that my face has a mixture of dry skin (at the bottom layer) and oily skin (at the top layer)
Or is it the other way round? o.o

But anyways!! They encourage me to moisturize & tone my face every night and 
it got better for a few weeks.
After that, my pimples started coming back because to the moisturizer because it made my skin really oily.

Here are all my skin problems which needs to be treated:

So since then,
i've been hunting and finding a new moisturizer or lotion that doesn't clog upmy pores and leave an oily finish.
WTS I didn't really heard about a water based lotion until the start of this year!!
Why nobody tell me earlier!?

But I'm wondering, is 1 lotion powerful enough to beat all skin problems?
Yep there is!

Everywhere was like '#1 IN JAPAN: HADA LABO'
And people are like recommending me Hada Labo products to try cuz they have seen so many good reviews.
So finally, I am able to try it out for myself!

 So what are the Benifits you ask?

 Yup, everything which a girl needs!!
Actually when I saw the advertisment of the girl touching her face and then when she releases her hand and her cheeks bounces, it already entices me to try it out hahah
But I didn't know there are much more from bouncy skin!

Right now, I need intensive repair!
My face is like getting super rough these few day due to 2-3 hours of sleep each night for this week

*Note, all photos for these post are non-photoshopped to stay true for this post. 
Just edited the colors and brightness so maybe that's why you can't really see the true condition of my skin. But if you look closely, you can spot the blemishes and rough surface :(

And it's 5 times worse in real life omg.

Yeah here's a fighting pose to show that it fights dark spots LOL

 I am really afraid of trying out facial products that smells really REALLY good.
Because this means that they put a lot of artificial products to make it smell good.
Even if it's natural fragrance (like lavender, rose etc..)  
I prefer not to use it too cuz my face is too sensitive to flowers & fragrances

So everytime I chose a new facial product, I will always, ALWAYS smell it first LOL
And surprisingly, this has NO SMELL AT ALL!!
(I just opened it again to re-smell it just in case)
But yep, no smell!

Sometimes, it's such a chore to use different facial products after washing for different benefits
1 moisturizing cream, 1 toner, 1 whitener etc.
But to me, just this one lotion will do.

'Just Open It'

'Pour a few drops on your palm..'

And Pat away!!
No rubbing needed cuz it's water base and super light on the skin.
Your skin will absorb the lotion really fast!

Don't neglect your forehead.
That's one of the few areas that ages the fastest.

 And your chin!!

My skin felt really smooth and light after applying the lotion
Makes me feel like I don't have to put bb cream after that cuz it's already very bright and dewy!
I mean, check out the glow on my face!!

Hahah I can now have doink doink skin like the girl in the cormecial.
 Never thought my skin can be this soft!

Number 1 in Japan! Gotta love Japanese Products.
I swear they are such geniuses !
No wonder I never see a single Japanese Lady with pimple infested face before :(

Thank you Hada Labo for giving me a chance to review this Arbutin Whitening Lotion!!
Not really happy with my skin yet, but I can see the difference after trying it these 2 days.
Can't wait to update you girls again!

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