Lindsay's Week: I'm such a Glutton

Hey guys! Back for Part 2 of my summery of Month May!
Part 1 HERE, just in case you are lazy to scroll down this longass post.

11th May Friday
Went to film for a TVC job that was introduced by a videographer that I met during last week's Fashion Week.
It's a concert scene filmed at Powerhouse and there were about 50+ people and i don't know anyone there omg! To make it worse, there are cliques already because the people there are either from the same Drama School or they brought their friends along..

But I still got along with some fun people there!

So many snacks in between breaks that it looks like a party already.

Ended at about 8+9 and we walked to vivo for dinner!

11th May Sunday

It's Mother's day that day and we decided to head out to eat as a family, at Kenny Rogers!
It's been so long since we had a good meal out together even though it's just 3 of us!

They have such soft juicy chicken! Loving their black pepper sauce the most

Here's pics of my Mummy :) Before enjoying her meal

Wrong choice of drink :(
I ordered Strawberry but it tasted like Watermelon instead, with just a tint of strawberry taste!
Omg they should really improve on their drinks and not try to save money like that.
Even my brother's Mango Smoothie tasted like Bananas just cuz the cost price of bananas are cheaper..

So many choices of Pizzas. Dinner time out, for western food again!
Maybe it's because we each have been eating a lot of Korean/Japanese/Thai food the past few days and that's why we decided to have Western that day.

We were so full from lunch that me and my Mom shared a plate of Mushroom & Chicken Carbonara.

My Brother's Grilled Salmon & Criss Cut Fries was awesome!!

Hugeass smoothies bigger than my face. 
The menu that shows a giant pic of the smoothie with the words 'life-sized' tempted me.

Deserved a solo pic because this Chocolate Smoothie is so rich and delicious

Hope you enjoyed your day, Mummy! We love you <3

16th May Friday

Headed to Pasir Ris Beach with Amanda to snap some pics for her instagram!
Settled down for some snacks at The Five Rabbits Bar. I didn't know such an ulu place like Pasir Ris Beach has an awesome bar here!

My cam died while we are making our way to Downtown East to meet boss and the other girls.
So thank you Chrysan for letting me use your pics!! <3

Typical Chinese food but it was so so delicious! EVEN the veggies are so yummy!? 
And I can't get enough of the Cereal Pop Corn Chicken

Fish Head Curry <3


Headed outdoors to snap a few decent group picture

and then slowly...


It got crazy. I mean, look at Alicia spasming in the middle!

Haha funniest bunch!

KTV Next! 
Such a fun day with the Mousetrap Girls! We need to have another gathering some time again soon!

17th May Saturday

Had a casual lunch with my boyfriend after he snap my ootd pictures for me!! <3

At the usual cafe!

Changed my outfit for the evening as it was  Grandmother's Birthday and all our relatives had a traditional Chinese Dinner at our usual Chinese Restaurant!

Super delicious Chinese Noodles! Never gets old.
I can eat like the whole plate of it but too bad we had to share :P

Only featuring 4 here because the others (like vegies/ fish/ duck) don't look appetizing in pictures.
Omg my favourites are the ones on the right!!
Juicy Coffee Pork Ribs and Mince Beef Tofu that is crispy outside and super soft inside.
Why am I writing this at 1am T_T Craving them so badly right now!

Grandma and her super creamy chocolate cake! Her favourite.

Sang the Birthday song, made a wish and Blown out the candles!
Aw look how excited my niece and nephew in the background are.
  Caught Mindy feeding her little brother the cake. SUPER CUTE CAN!?

Timing and day super clashed that Saturday!
Rushed down to Shuffle Bistro Bar at Clarke Quay for a thank you dinner by the j7Image team!
It started at 8pm but too bad I only reached at 10pm just for the drinks.

I was very full from the birthday dinner so I only ate the spicy wings.
It was so so good!!

When I reached the place, I saw Cheryl on stage playing the 'Flag Game' with 5(?) other people.
Looks so fun!! But slowly 1 by 1, the others lost and dropped out of the game.
and Cheryl won Vodka for us!!
Super pro, If I'm the one playing, I think the first round I lose already..


Chrysan Darling <3
No pics with Cherie as it's still in her cam!! :(

Camera kept getting unfocused because of the bad lighting :(

But here's one with Mika 姐姐, after like 3521354  retakes -.-

Tiang and Chrysan, aw super cute together!!
All Of Me- John Legend
Say Something- A Great Big World

Had a great night with loveliest people from J7Image! Such a fun bunch

18th May Sunday

Met up with darling Jasmine for lunch!

So fattening but it tastes so good! :(

21st May Wednesday

Filmed Rainbow Dyed Shorts Tutorial for MousetrapTV last Wednesday and it's now out!
Go check it out :)

Me and Chrysan were craving for Chinatown's Butterchicken so boss brought us there again, now with our new editor, Joycelyn!!

Headed to Ikea after that to look for furnitures for the new Mousetrap office.
And guess what, here are all the stuffs we ate just within the time span of 3 hours (including the butterchicken)
GOSH we are such gluttons!!

Had such a fun 2 weeks!
It's 4am and I better go catch some sleep now! Tata~


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