Lindsay's Life: Food Date Updates!

Thanks to my gf Deborah for this red lace romper <3
Check out her blog, she's awesome!

Hey guys!
Omg it's been so so long ever since i've updated my blog. It's because my week was filled with quite a number things that I had too many pictures to post.
So I gave up blogging at the end of the week and it piles up so now I have 4 weeks worth of posts :(
Sounds like my homework in the past, HAHA!
 So here's Part 1 summary of it!

30th May Wednesday

Headed to Space Invasion with my Cafe hopping girls, Alica and Chrysan, to choose our filming outfits at Space Invasion!
Took quite awhile to choose them cuz there are too many pretty clothes there!

Plaza Sing was just a walk away so we decided to have dinner at Nana's Green Tea!
Had it with Amanda the another time and the food was awesome and that's why I decided to bring them there to try out!

We were so so looking forward to the green tea ICECREAM!! It's super good, you guys have to try it!

They use crepe instead of seaweed so it's like a sushi dessert.
Awesome or what!?

Each of us ordered Curry Rice cuz we were craving for Japanese Curry.
Here's Chrysan's Beef Patty & Cheese Curry Rice

Alicia & Me ordered the Chicken Katsu!

It was so filling we decided to skip the desserts.
But how wasted!

Awesome Day with them!

1 April Thursday

Met them the next day again for work filming. But it doesnt feel like work at all because it's still so fun 
and what's more, there's FOOD!
Nothing is boring with food involve :P

I know la, I look damn swag right!?
HAHAH JK! That's because my Character that day requires some swag so that's why I decided to top it off with the only snapback I have (which you might have already seen it on me for the 1000th time)

After filming, we were still so famished that we decided to stay for another round of food ourselves.
Also that's because the food there is super delicious!!


Drinks arrived and i'm loving mine so so much!
It's Strawberry & Sprite. Perfect for people with a sweet tooth.
Also, what I love about it is that they spam the strawberries! Drink finish already I still have a lot of strawberries left.
Alicia so poorthing cuz her Passion Fruit drink damn sour.
No wonder everytime she drinks it her face becomes....


Craving for meaty stuffs that day so had a burger stuffed with an egg, a beef patty with tons of bacon
Potato wedges at the side!

Alicia loves the Aglio Olio there cuz it's very fragrant!
Chrysan had their Homemade Pancakes. There's something very different about it.
The taste is so special we just can't comprehend. You just have to try it for yourself to know!

2nd April Friday

Filming Next day again at one the best cafes in Singapore

You like my bushy nose hair? 

I look really weird in this pic so that's why I partially covered it :x 
So now it looks like I intentially made myself look stupid! #genius
 But I don't wanna look stupid alone so I put glasses on Alicia too but WHY U STILL LOOK SO GOOD!?

They first served us coffee with different coffee art on them!
After that, 3 breakfast menu & 3 lunch/dinner menu.
And that's not all.
They served us desserts and even delicious cold drinks at the end too!
No pictures of them if not what's the point of even watching the episode already right?


LOL at this pic
Alicia's like 'I love you =)))'
then Chrysan's like 'help me T_T..'

Chrysan 'designing' her own coffee according to her likings.
Love how D'good Cafe has that option!!

6th May Tuesday

Came in the salon with HORSE HAIR
...and left with mermaid hair!

They decided to tone down my horse hair color to a darker ash brown so I will look younger hehe.
Then they give me green and red highlights which looks like rainbow in this pic!
I love!!
 Extended my hair at Milly's right after and I had such a BAD EXPERIENCE at MILLY's!
I was super pissed off to the close extend of crying, but i shall not get into the details. -.-

7th May Wednesday

Headed back to J7IMAGE the next day for styling, with Chrysan and Cherie!
 This time is for their salon's photoshoot!

They definitely have magic hands. They did a waterfall braid to show the highlights, and then curled my hair to blend my extentions with my real hair!
So so gorgeous!!

Makeup Artist doing our makeup.
We look so so so so so different that day because of the different makeup we had.
Felt super sad because he arch my eyebrows.. I don't like arch eyebrows T_T
It makes me look fierce.

We did an outdoor and indoor 'studio' shoot!

Here's my second hairstyle- Korean updo! Or Japenese? Idk.
Had such a great time with the girls and the J7 team!!

Can't wait to get my red hair done by them!!
Contact +65 6735 5195 to book an appointment!

Part 1 finally done up after 5 hours! Butt numb already..
Part 2 in a day or two. I'll try my best to update very often from now on!!
See you guys in a bit!


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