Pastel Bows + Amberlyn's Babyshower

We are never too old for pigtails!

Back after about 2 weeks and I'm so grateful that my previous post- 'Types of people that I really like' are being read by so many of you <3
Thank you so much, this shows that my typing effort did not go to waste!

Anyway, I'm here to feature my super pastel outfit that I put together really fast for my personal advert shoot this morning.

Presenting my very first non-flare skirt ever and i'm really loving it! I usually tend to stay away from tight fitting skirts and go for the flares cuz I have really narrow hips which makes me look like a lamp post :/
However, I decided to take my chance and chose this Ruffled Scallop Skirt in Lilac c/o
It's a weekly preorder site that sells a wide range of cute and affordable clothing starting from only $18!! 

Surprisingly, it's of a felt-like material which is quite stiff and it's wider at the hips area which gives me the shape that I really need.
Thumbs up!! (And toes too :P)

Quote 'Lindsayvoitton' for $2 off your total bill <3

Got this super cute rose-sunnies from Daintybullets when they were selling them previously.
It matches my pink+lilac outfit!

Housefly passing through! 

Fav Litas from Charlotte Russe!

Anyway, I attended my baby niece's 1-month Babyshower and the theme is Pink+White.
It was held at my Aunt's condo at the other side of SG, which happens to also be my previous home before I moved to the east! So much childhood memories of this place.

I had a task to bake some super cute cupcakes and decorate the dessert table with my aunt :D

CUTE!?? Made by me from scratch!
Okay lah, not really from scratch cuz I used the chocolate cake mix from the box :x But the decorations are kinda from scratch, and cupcake cake toppers are specially designed and printed by me!! :P
Super satisfied with the results!

Sweet stuffs for the sweet tooths.
Jellybeans, chocolates and marshmallows! Ofcuz, we also had a proper lunch buffet at the other side

My mother <3 

Me, my aunt and princess Mika! 

Debbie's side of the family!

More pics of us carrying her cuz she was the 'star' of the day :P


So that's all for this simple and fast pastel colored post!
Will be writing about my Valentines Day Vaca/Stayca on the next one and will be like the longest post ever hahah!
Just placed a new 'Subscribe-to-Lindsayvoitton' form at the top sidebar.
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ice pandora said…
You look extremely cute c:
The pigtails suits you
well! And congratulations
with the baby shower! Such
an adooorable baby ^_^ I
also lovelove the cupcakes!
PrncszTffny said…
your outfit is sooo cute! and nice photos of your family!
Emily_Tay said…
Why so cute! Love your hair

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