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Happy valentines day you guys!! 
Valentines day has always been one of my favorite days of the year and that's why as you can see, I make a huge deal about it. 
-Holding giveaways, outfit ideas, places to bring your date to, and even 2 blog posts today!

This day is full of love and generosity, and really wish it's like that all year round!! 

Anyway since I'm in a Valentines Day spirit, I decided to dedicate this post to all my friends and close ones and list down some things that I really like in them, and in a person.
Because who says you can't have a friend as your Valentine, right? :P

I know most people will be like 'I love anyone that is helpful, down to earth' and all.
No I am not gonna type what I feel YOU people would want to hear.
There will be some qualities you look for in a person that attracts you to make friends with them and every person is different.
So i will be listing MY version of it and I hope some of you can relate to it! :)

12 qualities that I really like in a person
Why 12? Because 12Feb was the date of me and my bf's 5 years anniversary!! Will blog about it soon! :D

1) Someone that has a sense of humor. 
Who doesn't love these type of people, right!? Even if they are not funny, what's important is that can take jokes and laugh with you. Example, if a friend gossips to me and I'm like 'OMG hahaha why u so bitchy ah!?' They either laugh louder or tell me that I'm bitchier lolol. 
So in other words, I'd rather be called bitchier rather than get angry at. Haha!
These type of people are the ones you can instantly click with and they are also very fun to be around with!

2) Someone who has a positive mindset
I love love LOVE being with people who are positive most of the time. They usually give out the positive vibe too which I feel will make your whole day. I mean.. Who wants to be with someone who is negative over everything right?  And usually, people with positive minds are definitely happier than someone who is always negative, which goes to my next quality-

3) Someone who is a 'Smiler'
No, not a 'Smiler' which Miley Cyrus's fans call themselves -.-
So what's a smiler you say? In my contex, it's someone who smiles alot and is always happy! No you don't have to be like crazy happy all the time. I mean come on, we all have our bad days. But smilers are like a rainbow after a downpour. They will always brighten up our day even more, just by having them around.

4) Someone who can accept praise
Omg babe you are so pretty today!! or, I Really love what you are wearing!!
'No la, you prettier' / 'No la your clothes are always nicer than mine'
These! Are called conversation stoppers, and whenever I receive these kind of replies, I really don't know what to reply them. But i feel really happy whenever someone accepts my praise and say a simple 'Thank you! :)'
Or even better, reply with "HUHHH so you saying i'm only pretty today!? I'm pretty everyday okay!!"
Hahahah just kidding, only my close friends tend to reply with that. Damn funny! Cuz I will definitely know how to reply that sentence :P
But if not, try to say a simple 'Thank you!', if not one day nobody will dare to praise you anymore Hahah!

5) Someone who is not embarrassed to be with you 
This is one of my fav 'quality' because sometimes, when I go out, people who I'm not really close to will find me really weird cuz Im like a tourist, snapping pictures of Every.Single.Thing! When I'm out eating, I will be like 'WAAIIIT!! Don't eat yet, take pictures first!'
My fav line that will piss off anybody who is super hungry lolol!
Some of my friends already know my pattern and remind me if I forget to snap a picture of the food. Or be like 'eh you wanna take pic of this? It's very pretty!' 
That's what I love about most of my friends who don't own a blog cuz it really shows that they show interest too in what I do. 

6) Someone who speaks with truth. 
Those who know me for many years know that I can judge someone if they are speaking with truth, or talks with a whole different hidden meaning behind it.
Something like a hidden talent they say :P *winks!
And that's why I really appreciate and cherish people who speaks from the heart, without words with a second meaning behind it. These are the people that you can always be comfortable with and that's what I really love about them!

7) Someone who has love for others
Yes, so much love for these people! Love for others will go a really long way, because it automatically brings honesty and generosity. No, you don't have to be very rich & generous and give money to show your love. But friends who do just a little thing to make your day, or offers some help when you need it, says a lot about them! Cherish them because these are the type of people that are already rich at heart.

8) Someone who is straightforward
Being too straightforward is not good. But if you keep beating around the bush and not come straight to your point is not a good thing either. I don't know about you, but I love straightforward people.

Example, IF someone wants to borrow money from me:
Beating around the bush:
" Lindsay! Omg I feel so broke I need to find a job.. But I'm still studying, how am I suppose to juggle these 2 things!? Plus exams coming already I feel so stress but I really need to go shopping tomorrow to release the stress cuz that day I saw this dress I really like and it's like $70 omg how am I suppose to afford that!? But I really wanna go shopping and also wear that to prom and impress my rich date then maybe next time can marry him so I can become a rich taitai then I won't be so stress like now, so how!? I really need that dress T_T"

HAHA omg so pissing right!?

"Lindsay!! I saw this dress for $70 and I really wanna wear it for prom, can you lend me first and i'll return you after that??"

This! Is what I like to hear. Nonono not the money part (Later u all come ask me for money LOL) But the straightforwardness.

9) Someone who is a good listener
Giving advises to people are good. But sometimes, a person just need a listening ear. I really love friends that listens to me, I talk/type a LOT when I'm feeling down.
If you are a friend that I always go to whenever i'm feeling excited/happy/sad/angry, then you are someone that I cherish a lot! Hahah you know who you are! Includes my bf too, thank you! <3

10) Someone who shows genuine support
Very very rare!! But I am lucky to have a few friends that possess this quality.
Friends who you know you can tell them anything and everything are the best, especially when they show genuine support to the decisions you make. But unless you are doing something really stupid, they aren't afraid to scold you upside down :P When you achieve some sort achievement or success, they feel genuinely happy for you instead of feeling jealous or having hidden negative thoughts about you.

11) Someone who puts passion in what they do
In other words, working hard in what they do! I really admire people who put their heart and sweat in something they really love to do.
I usually tell my friends that if you put hard work into something, it will become yours one day.
Because this is one of my fav quotes that I live by.

Last but not least,
12) Someone who is a CAFE HOPPER!!
Hahaha okay la, actually I can't think of the 12th quality so that's why I list this as the last one. If you are a cafe hopper, I think we automatically can be friends already lor! You love food, I love food, so every week can call each other out to eat already right!? Plus point if you have the 1st quality too! :P
*winks Chrysan, winks!!

So that's 12 of the qualities that I really love in a friend.
No, you don't need to have ALL of them for me to like you, so long you are truthful and speak from the heart, it's good enough for me! Because after all, nobody is perfect.

I also in turn strive to be a good friend as well as a good person. Because why expect these qualities when you don't possess them too right?
However, I understand that sometimes, people do make mistakes.
But as long as they are willing to change, possess good attitude and truthfulness, they are worth forgiving.

I saw this quote on @truth_jokes the other day which says:
'It's funny how you can do nice things for people and they never notice it. But once you make one mistake, they'll always remember it.'

But I try to not look at it in this way. Instead of hanging on to the past and feel negative everyday trying to make the person feel bad for what they have done and bringing them down, I like to look at their good qualities, forget about the past and focus on the present times. Because this is the only way to happiness in life, and that's why people like me are happy people :P HAHAH! Kidding!!

Happy are the ones who surround themselves with happy people with a positive attitude.
I'm so happy and blessed that I am surrounded with so many happy, positive and loving people in my life. As long as you stay happy, all the positive vibes will come to you! :D

Hopefully I am able to let some of you guys take in some of my tips to happiness :P If not, it's okay!! At least after reading this post, hopefully you will realize how many great friends you actually have in your life.

Leave me a comment if you can relate to any of these qualities, or have similar ones in your 'qualities in a friend list'. I would love to know so I will know that I'm not the only weird one that looks for that particular quality in a friend LOL

Happy Valentines Day to all the happy couples and friends out there!!
May all of you seek love in every way <3


Unknown said…
beautiful dress!

Unknown said…
amazing hair ♥

Anonymous said…
Thank you very much for this post. Makes us all realize that we have many friends who are always there for us :)
Pikanagi said…
Pikanagi said…
Victoria said…
HEY BAE!! Happy valentines day, thank you for always being there for me. And I know you love me too =D meet up soon

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