Neutral Blush + Octa Hotel

Can't believe I spent 1 whole hour writing this post on my Blogger phone app and 'published' it but it didn't appear on the page. So i went on the computer to check and nope, the words I wrote are not there. Checked the app again to see if it's saved there so I can at least copy it but NOPE, all gone!

Blogger app, WHY YOU TROLL ME!? T_T
2nd time already!!
Anyway, here's me writing everything all over again.. NOW on my laptop!! >:(

Mix of Formal and Casual that day. Wearing what it looks like a super duper short dress but nope, it's a romper! :D Love the crystals at the top and floral chiffon at the skirt part. It's so light and comfortable and I love the color combination!

Threw on a Cream Colored Cropped Blazer that has been rotting in my wardrobe for a year or two as I didn't really liked it. But decided to bring it out today to pair it with this romper cuz I looked too under-dressed. Seeing how it put the whole outfit together, i'm starting to like it a little! :P

Bag to match the neutral outfit! Got this at EverBest at a really good price during a sale! A little too huge for me but I like to carry this out whenever I had a lot to bring.

The best part of this outfit, the SHOES!!

I got this shoes from Charlotte Russe during their  'Buy 1, Get another at $10!' sale!
I already had this same pair but in Holographic from another store, but I saw this and couldn't give this Blush colored one a miss. 
If i have not forgotten, I think the original price of each of them is about USD40+ but I got them both for a total of  USD50! That's only like $25 each!
Added this and another awesome pair of black boots in the cart but I realized they only ship within the USA and maybe Canada? I was so devastated but my Dad told me that I can have them ship to his home in California and pass it to me when he visit.

My family and I met him at Malaysia when he was there for a business trip 2 months ago and that's when he passed them to me. The quality is so so good! Soles are super rubbery and the material is very sturdy.
I'm suppose to be blogging about our mini vacation in Malaysia :x Delayed for very long already!

Yeah.. so all that trouble for a pair of shoes 
(that are awesome, agree? I mean, look at those transparent heels!)
Okay, end of my boring shoe-story.

To counter it, I have something to tell u.
Charlotte Russe is STILL having that 'Buy 1, Get another at $10!' sale!

Met up with my girls for a casual day out and had our meal at Octa Hotel!
Really loving their classy vintage interior and decor.

The counter!! See that lady using her laptop there? She's a really sweet Japanese lady who I think owns this pretty restaurant. She saw me taking pictures and asked if i'm taking it for my blog. :P Yes it is!!
So she showed me the ornaments they are selling and allowed me to take pictures of it.

How pretty are these!! All of these can be bought <3

The whole restaurant is decorated with vintage pieces. 

Ordering time!! Love the scrapbook-menu idea! So cute, pasting cute decor here and there.

The pretty girls! Eileen and jasmine. Missing Grace cuz she can't make it :(

1 more, same pose!

We were so hungry so we ordered pasta cuz it's the most filling meal in the menu.
Most of the food are snacks but they look so appetizing! I wanted to get the Toasted Hot Dog but the waitress say the pasta is more filling since we are hungry :P
So pasta it is!

Jasmine's Corn Cream Pasta. Tried this and it's awesome!!

Eileen and me had the same thing- Aglio Olio. 
Meh :x

Dessert time!! Always my fav part of the meal

Had this awesome Strawberry Crumble with Vanilla icecream. Omg so heavenly I should have just ordered all the desserts instead of the pasta!

What's a Girl's Day Out without cam whoring right!?

And these taken right after our shopping. They turn out so nice!


As some of you know, i'm always, ALWAYS late, sometimes on time, but never early.
So I have not done up my Christmas OOTD post yet but it will most probably be up during New Year's Day. Stay tuned for that!
Yeah... and New Year's Day OOTD probably on Valentine's Day -.-

Typical me .__.


Unknown said…
Lovely as always my dearest Lindsay!! Ahhh so nice that your dad has a house here in California so that you could get the shoes!! Such a good deal and they look so nice. I love how you put the outfit together, so adorable yet also dressy ^//3//^

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