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Yay i'm so ready for Christmas! 
Really loving my Aquamarine Snowflake nails sponsored by Dolish Nail Spa. Thank you once again for making my nails pretty again!
Read till the end for some great deals for STUDENTS!

Dolish Nail Spa
Blk 825 Tampines Street 81
+65 6785 3210 

Haven't been doing my nails for about 3 months now and luckily Elaine called me up to tell me to fix an appointment to do my nails. Omg my nails are like so ugly due to left over from my previous manicure and they are chipped off and all :( But I won't be bothered to fix it until my next gelish appointment. HAHA she knows me too well <3

Arranged an appointment on the 4th of December (Just before the GirlyMake Launch Party) so I can have pretty nails when i attend the event. 

So many shades and colors to choose from!! 
Elaine told me that she want to do a Christmas design on me so I spent 2 whole hours the night before choosing what design I want. I sent her like 4 pictures cuz 1 shows plain snowflakes, another gradient glitter, another with glitter crystals all over and another with plain aquamarine glitter. I told her I want everything combined together (Demanding lady over here lolol) and ommgg she manage to do it just the way I wanted! 

It's also something really different from the last 2 times cuz it was always pink and floral. This time its Aquamarine and crystals!

Haven't had time to even trim my nails so they grow out quite uneven so she helped me trim it shorter and even it out.

She also filed the excess gelish manicure from my previous session and smoothen the whole nail out. Nope, soak off was not needed for me cuz there are only a little bit left.

Cutting out dead skins at the sides and my nail cuticles! Nope, not pain at all and actually I quite enjoyed it cuz its like NO MORE DEAD SKIN! :D

Feeling so clean and bare, and she's ready to start on the nail art.

Annnddd.. POOF! Done in 1 and a half hours. Nope sorry, no pictures of the process cuz while she was doing 1 hand, my other hand was in the UV Light. But who cares about the process right? It's the end product that matters! :P 
This is not the true color tho, and it looks 10x better in real life. 

Then my friend Jasmine came to meet me and took this pic. See how happy I look! You know why?
Cuz I told Elaine to just help me take off my chipped ugly red nail polish that I self painted on my toes. Cuz I will be wearing an open toed heels to the Party.
But she's like 'AIYO! So ugly lah, Nevermind, I help you do gelish okay? Choose the color you want me to do!'
Feel so loved!! T_T 
I chose Hot pink since she said Gelish will last for 3 months so a lighter color might get dirty.

True color of my nails!
Thank you Dolish Nail Spa for my super pretty Christmas nails!
It's in such a lovely shade of Aquamarine with Snowflakes, glitters, crystals and all. Puts me in the Christmas spirit!

More pictures of my pretty pretty nails. My camera couldn't capture the shine it has in real life so I had to put my own one. Really love how she adds the crystal snowflake to glam it up even more!

Now here is something exciting for you girls!!

Only $5 for Express Manicure
Only $8 for Express Pedicure
20% OFF for all other services!

So awesome to be a student right!?
If you are no longer a student, you can also purchase your Loyalty Cards
Spend a minimum of $20 to receive 1 stamp. Collect 4 stamps to enjoy Loyalty Rewards!

Want your nails done for Christmas or any other occasions?
Quickly book a slot before there is no more slot before there is no more available!

For Nail Art or Gelish Nail Art , do Whatsapp/ Text
'Elaine' at +65 9101 0987
And send in pictures of your desired nail designs and for price quotes
Call 6785 3210 to book appointment

Dolish Nail Spa
Blk 825 Tampines Street 81

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 11am-9pm
Tuesday: Closed
Saturday, Sunday: 10am-7pm

Hope you girls can have pretty pretty nails like I do too!!
And also, enjoy your fabulous Christmas!


ice pandora said…
I hardly do any manicure as I
really don't have patience
and I do a lot with my hands
which means chipped nails
really fast!
I love this salon that it has
nice student discount c;
Unknown said…
Such pretty nails! Would love to book an appointment but I live so far away :(
Unknown said…
SO cute!!! Really really really wish I lived where you are so I can get my nails done by Elaine also!! I adore your blog Lindsay & you are so cute and dollish!!
Kiki Heartsx said…
So perfect for Christmas! Such cute nails you have. And I totally agree with you, that shade of aquamarine is so lovely!!

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