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As most of you girls know, Ash In Cans is a well known online store that launches new collections every single week! This means that they hold the trendiest and most up-to-date apparels which keeps you in style.
I've chosen these few outfits from their past collections cuz they are really pretty and you can either dress them up or down for any occasion!

Stay tuned to the end of the post for the discount code that I will be sharing with my readers <3

Loving this Beige 2-way Pleated Top from AshInCans' Collection 130. It looks so so classy with the pleats and ruffles!
It can be worn as a tube, or as an off shoulder top like this!

Freaking love this and this is my fav piece of all three. I paired it with a black Highwaisted button up shorts and black strappy heels for a casual look. But if you wanna dress this up, you can pair it with either a black skater or red chiffon skirt, cinch your waist with a pretty belt, and finish it off with a necklace and a pair of nude pumps!

Love how off shoulder tops enhances your collarbone and give your shoulders a lift. Makes you look sexier :P

Finally, a super cute short dress that I can wear for a casual day out!! Yup, I try to avoid dressing up too much whenever i'm out casually cuz i tend to feel really uncomfortable throughout the day. (Like tops that are tight fitting, and skirts that fly up whenever the wind blows) But it shouldn't stop us girls from wearing something stylish, right?
What I really love about this 'dress' is it's actually a hidden romper!! The inner shorts has the same prints as the dress so if it flies up, it's not obvious. Even if people saw it, it's not counted as 'Zhao-Genging' cuz they know it's a romper :P

Really love the prints too, I might wanna wear this during CNY cuz the prints really suit the season :D

This Navy Sakura Dress is from  AshInCans' Collection 131. They have this in white too and it's equally as pretty as this one!

Last but not least, I've chosen this Black Wild Flower Romper from AshInCans' Collection 131 cuz I have the exact same one but in Sunflower prints which I really love.
I wore the sunflower printed one casually for 3 days in a row cuz I was so tired and lazy those 3 days and had to run errands so I didn't bother mixing and matching stuffs from my wardrobe. So that's why I decided to choose this one so it doesn't look like i'm always wearing the same thing :x
Don't laugh at me okay!! I know you girls also got do this at some point of your life :P

What's more, this dress is also a hidden romper!! This means you don't have to care much when the wind blows. Much love for Romper dresses! <3

So here are my 3 fav picks from Ash In Cans. There are much much more items on their website and even launched 2 more collections!! Keep in style whenever you shop at Ash In Cans. Cuz I feel fabulous wearing their clothing :P

Also, here is a discount code for you girls!!
Quote 'LindsayV' and get free normal postage until the end of January! Yes, go buy as many items from them to prep yourself for the 15 days of CNY :P

Photographed by Dice Photography
They do personal & store Lookbook shoots!


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